Developmental Stage


"As I grow older, my knowledge is being wider."

Here is the Galleria of ELLOIZA PLAZA from 11 ZEPHANIAH

Infancy and Early Childhood (0-5)

This is the stage where I said my first word, I made my first step, I ate my first meal, call my parents by mama and papa, and here I also started to smile and laugh.

Middle Adulthood (6-12)

In this stage, I started to attend school and I thought it was very fun because I met many friends and we play everyday.


I learn many things in this stage and I've experienced a lot of changes not only in my Physical Appearance but also in my way of thinking. This past few years, I noticed that I became more emotional and slowly loosing my smile so as my confidence. I think that's also because some of the changes I experienced.

Early Adulthood (19-30)

I think I can see my ideal self in this stage as an independent successful woman. I want to be that woman who can stand for herself and decide wisely. I will also work harder to be this kind of woman that I wanted. I don't still know if I can imagine myself having my own family but if I'm stable enough, I'll think about it. Besides I don't want to brag a child into a messy life. For now, I'll focus on my goal and helping my parents and siblings.

Middle Adulthood (30-60)

In this stage, I thought of my self who is still helping my siblings to grow. When I reached this stage, they are probably still in early adulthood and I don't think but I also don't want to happen that when I reached this stage, there's only me and my siblings left by my parents. I still hope for their good and long life.

Adulthood (60-above)

I will live my left time as a happy go lucky grandmother. I will try harder to not loose my smile and confidence. Instead I will put a smile and lift up the confidence of the youth like me before who is feeling down. I want to leave this life with a smile on my face and put on smile as well as on the face of the other people.