“Enchancing what you have without changing what you have.”

Devine Glamour® LLC is not only a traveling and virtual natural hair, makeup, and nail service business... We serve people! We encourage, practice, and teach self-care and self-love! We execute this goal by empowering our #devinecommunity to “enhance what you have without changing what you have.” Our hashtag #loveyourlocksandlooks was created with the intention to motivate our community to love themselves while on their life journeys.
I am an Afro-Asian woman born and raised on the Southside of Chicago who loves seeing other people win, glow, and grow in all forms. I am a Combo Artist helping individuals look, feel, and be their best. I specialize in serving all kinds (Age, Color, Skin Type, Hair Type, Tender Head).
Devine Glamour® LLC’s mission is to provide, inform, and serve delightful and divine (“Devine”) beauty for all kinds with attractive or exciting quality that makes people feel appealing or special (“Glamour”).

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Hello Devines! Here is where you will find all of my free lessons from various tutorials, LIVE features, and product reviews! This is where I share my skills with my Devines! You can ask me questions in the comments and even get all of the juicy, affordable details in the descriptions about products, businesses, and more!

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