About Inercour

Inercour is a business consulting agency that is dedicated to serving high performing executives and entrepreneurs both locally and globally.

Founded in 2016, I started this company with a core belief that there was a different, more comprehensive approach to helping startups and small businesses scale: focus on the individual first, then the business second. Since then, it's been proven that if employees are individually aligned and empowered to thrive personally, their work performance and results will thrive too. When optimized, we are talking 2x the result in 40% less time based on shifts in mindset, schedule, leadership, and work flow.

Tack on providing all departments with the right tools, hands on support, and an up-leveled consulting strategy; and this is the shot in the arm any company needs to revive itself back from the financial brink or help an already growing business reach even higher levels of success.

At Inercour, we provide a proven holistic approach to executive coaching and project based consulting work. Each client we work with gets tailored 1:1 high performance coaching support, structure, and accountability as well as customized done-for-you services and advisory in the areas where your business needs it most.

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About the Founder

Devin J. Weafer, MBA, BCC

Devin is an international business consultant and life performance coach working and living in New York. Raised in a family of psychologists, Devin inherited a passion for helping others. He holds an MBA from Clark University, but his life’s work comes from personal experience managing his own day-to-day stress and work-life demands in the NYC corporate world operating key business development roles in various startups valued up to $40 million.

His coaching is aimed at helping driven professionals shatter untapped personal limits so that they can achieve next level life results and forever uncap the earning potential in their careers and businesses. Devin found the courage to trade in a past life of sales and business development for one of conscious leadership, impact, and a legacy-driven life. He found that opening offices, gunning for sales quotas, and work in general becomes meaningful only if it’s attached to fulfilling work and a deeper sense of purpose.

Devin invites his clients to step into their highest potential; providing customized tools to clearly define their success strategy and a structure to help them bring it about. Beyond the strategy and structures, he empowers his clients to turn inwards so that they can upgrade into their next level mindset and experience a shift in perspective. When clients work with Devin, they learn how to self optimize in all areas of life; to that end, clients typically experience 2x the business result and up to 40% more free time to enjoy new passions, a revival of their purpose, and be present forthe people and moments that matter most....ALL without burn out, compromise of their life needs/desires, and or relationship collapse.

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