Summary of The Artist known as Devon

I found an interest in being in the arts at a very young age first with music at the age of three with vocals and 16 with acting and photography. However, the modeling side of photography is what catches my attention. The reason I started is that being an artist and being involved in the artistic fields allows a story to be told and a lesson to be learned. With the use of my vast networking skills and the various social media platforms in today’s age, I’ve continued to grow and learn more for myself to keep on being an artist to continue the process of educating and storytelling with my talents.

The Artist Known as Devon which is me is the business involved in the entertainment industry of music, modeling, acting, photography, I purposefully cover these aspects because they can provide so much many to so many people no matter how they engage in what platform or project that I am engaged in it reaches out and touches people. Depending on what endeavors I go on is how I’m known in the relatively short time that I’ve been doing this. I have taken every opportunity that has come my way and took my 110% effort to do higher. The truly proudest moment I’ve had so far is when I see or know that people as my personal life tell me that what I do makes them proud and that they look up to me because that’s part of my goal is to keep bringing people more hope and confidence. The only thing that sets me back is that I am the entire business and my own team from the CEO and Founder to every other last worker. This whole journey is what embodies.