So glad you're here! I'm Devon! ❤️

Mom. Wife. Boss babe.

The skinny brew 3 day sample experience is $20, including tax & shipping! You can Venmo @Devonhart-6 the $20 then fill the first link to get your shipping information! You will not want to go back to your regular coffee!! ☕

The "momming" collection

Skinny brew+chocolate greens+energy sticks = a happy healthy mama 😍

The first thing we all do in the morning is grab our cup of coffee, why not have a coffee that also curbs cravings and burns fat!? 🔥
Then of course after lunch I'm craving a snack because obviously chasing around little humans is exhausting 😂 Instead of eating some junk I drink my chocolate greens 🌿🍫 which not only keep me full but actually Detoxify as well!! Love it 😍
Now, I can usually make it till riiiiight after dinner before my energy totally crashes and caffeine just doesn't have that much effect on me 🤷🏼‍♀️ but Oh. My. Goodness. These energy sticks are life changing! Everything you need to be your best you and keep up with whatever you have to do throughout the day at 40% off retail when you become a loyal customer!! Or click the link below!

The "I can do this!" Kit 💪

Three products to help you GET. FIT. ⚡🔥

The cleanse 😍 where do I even start?! It's gentle, you eat while doing it, and people are losing up to 8lbs in TWO DAYS! Cleansing your body gives you a fresh start to begin losing weight 🌿

Pair it with our body applicator and bam! Guaranteed a flatter tummy in just two days! The applicator keeps toning your tummy for 72 hours folks!

If you drink coffee and are serious about commiting to your weight loss keto coffee is the way to go ☕ so creamy and smooth and it assists in your diet so you lose. more. weight. 🤩

You can get all of this at MY DISCOUNT when you become a loyal customer!!


The "Self Care" kit

Take. Time. For. Yourself! 🌺

I love love love ❤️ our hair skin and nails supplement! It not only protects with biotin and collagen, it also helps to grow healthier hair and nails while keeping your completion looking fierce! 🌺😘
I'm also obsessed with facials and toning my skin! I love our illuminating facial pads, oh em gee yes girl! A must try! Sometimes we get so busy that we forget how important it is to take time to pamper ourselves. We deserve it!

The "Change your life!" Starter kit

The biggest risk you can take is taking no risks at all 💛

I ask for three qualifications of the people I employ through this business.

1. Do you need a change? Tell me why

2. Are you willing for put in the work the be successful?

3. Are you able to put aside any fear and doubt you may have and go for this without looking back??

Believe me, I know jumping into something new is scary. But I promise you that in this business if you put in the work, are willing to be trained, take advice from your mentors, then you WILL be successful 💛 let's work together and help eachother accomplish our goals! 👏 If you'd like to join my team fill out the influencer application below👇 and let's. get. started!