Be devoted in your faith, don’t be ashamed🌻


Devoted Faith

God is great. Be devoted in your Faith. Let him show you the way and clear the paths of fog. I decided to put together something that would change lives. I’m hoping to be an influencer and to encourage anyone else out there to spread the word of god. I used to be so ashamed of who I was and now I realize that being a Christian is a blessing. I have seen god shape people and I have seen nothing but good. I’m hoping that if me putting together this blog and website will encourage people to not be ashamed of who they are and to spread the word of our lord. Don’t be ashamed be devoted in your faith.🌻

Bible studies

What are my bible studies?

I feel that not only am I helping other people grow in their faith but I’m helping myself become more confident in what I believe. Every Monday I’m going to try to have a bible study. This will just be videos that I put up on Instagram. Together we can grow and learn more on the word of god. Having bible studies is a fun way to interact with people in a relatable way, explaining problems that we all have and how god can help us. Learning more on the old and New Testament, so we not only know the big things but the little things that god wrote that matter. Join me every Monday for a bible study, I will post a video of what we’re studying that day and you guys will interact on stories. This is a place where many questions are answered. Occasionally we can interact on a live video call and talk about the good god does.☀️


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