A little about me/ links💗

Why I decided to join this amazing journey💕

Hey guys!!!!Thanks for coming to look into a little about me and why I decided to take this amazing opportunity/ lifestyle change!
My name is Devyn Remley, I’m 18 years old as of recently and I was super excited to join this amazing team of women and let me tell you why!
I’ve always heard of/seen people work from their phone or from home and always wanted to do it to make things a little easier and I’m very into that! Especially with this business it’s about empowering woman and with skin and haircare products is every woman’s holy grail so why and what girl doesn’t love amazing hair and beautiful skin!💕this opportunity was a no brainer for me I was unable to sit still in my chair and once the clock hit 12am and I was 18, I was on top of it. I’ve been working 40+ hours as a high school student since I was 15!!!plus taking extra shifts and learning how to save and manage money working til 10
Even sometimes 11 ,on a school night which is hard with homework and other things and making time for family especially and my relationship. This opportunity was god sent because I no longer have to stress about how I’m gonna finish my homework at 12am on a school night because of my long shift is. I can now work from my phone and from where ever I am on my own schedule with the freedom of anything, especially to get to be able to work with beautiful and encouraging woman!! Defiantly a no brainer 🧠 and getting to be able to tell people about kinds of products and what you do so you can share this amazing experience with someone else, amazing !!!please ask me questions to know more and join this amazing experience too!!!✨💗take that next step!!!