About Me!

+ why I decided to take control of the rest of my life! ✨

Hi Friend ♡
I’m Melissa! I am 26 years young & a mama of 2! I have a 5 year old Daughter & a 2 year old Son! They are my entire world! I live my life off of Faith, coffee, prayer & more coffee! I guess you can say that my journey started a little over 2 years ago when I found myself 3 months postpartum after having my son, pumping in the supply closet of my full-time job in at an insurance company wishing I wasn’t missing all the special moments. Working 50+ hours every week some hours with pay, some without, feeling very overworked and underpaid. Until finally I said enough is enough & signed up for “One of those things” you know those influencers that advertise and make it seem SO easy! I honestly had no idea what I was signing up for but I was just so tired of the “Mom guilt” every time I made a personal purchase or feeling like I was missing out on all my babies “firsts” yet again! 2 years later I’m LOVING the glow up! My mindset has completely shifted, my growth has progressed so much! I own multiple businesses and teach young women to believe in themselves + become independent! We are currently saving up to buy our first investment property and working towards financial + time freedom!! My prayer is that my platforms are a safe place for others to feel empowered and understood. My prayer is that I can shed a light on the possibilities that network marketing can bring when you allow yourself to believe. I pray that you see me and KNOW that if I can do this - SO CAN YOU! - Melissa Jenilee