About Me, Myself, and DIAMONDPDRILLS!

Who I am and how this started.

Hello, I’m Brynn, also more commonly know as Diamondpdrills. I’m addicted to an art called diamond painting which is placing tons of tiny (mostly recycled) plastic or resin diamonds. This craft isn’t for the faint of heart, it take dedication, time, and patience. I encourage you to try it out sometime too! (Hint: I’d start with a small one to make sure you enjoy it!)

I got into diamond painting about four years ago when I was on vacation in Minnesota seeing family (I live in Arizona in the US). I really enjoyed it and did a few more paintings after that. I took a break for a long time and recently got back into it the middle of 2019. Seeing all the extras and amazing pictures I could do spiked me to now have an addiction of this hobby 😂.

2020 rolls around, it sucks we all feel it, and right before the pandemic hit I made a diamond painting TikTok account. I named it Diamondpdrills (Diamond Painting Drills was inspiration). I was doing it for a month then BOOM I went ‘viral’. No way I expected that. Then rolls around September and I was about to hit 80k. I made a YouTube and Instagram to try and get some more people from different platforms. Companies started sending me products to review and I could never do it without all my lovely diamonds!

My YouTube Channel

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I upload all different types of video! From unboxing’s to vlogs and much much more!

Now VS Then Christmas


Kit up my logo painting with me!

My Top Picks!

Here are my top tips and brands I love!

My fav 2 brands:

I lovvvveeee Diamond Art Club as well as DIY Painting Art. Diamond art club is legally licensed images with amazing pictures with all different sizes. The other brand you can get customs and pictures. They are very cheap and also have SO many different accessories.

Link to my beacons where you can find it


A lot of people ask me what I use in my pen to make it so clicky. The truth is I use poster putty or also know as blu tack! It lasts FOREVER in your pen (also depending if your light or heavy handed). It’s so satisfying for asmr, and it also works in multiplacers. The actual package lasts a long time too!

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