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An Empowered Woman taking the world by storm!

Hi! My name is Diana... I am 34…

Here is a bit about me:

Credit Repair Specialist: EVERYONE should be obsessed with having excellent credit… sadly, most people have never been taught the importance of credit. Dreaming of buying a home some day? A car? Good credit gets you the best interest rates and saves you lots of money immediately and in the long run.

Ask me how you can fix your credit… and let’s get started today!

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Virtual FitCamp Instructor: I host a workout class via zoom 6 days per week. Too busy for the gym? Interested in a workout from the comfort of your home? Contact me for access to a free class! 💪🏼

Mom: I became a mommy at the age of 29... it was the biggest life changing thing that I’ve ever done.... it has molded me into a better person, a better friend, a better daughter, a better wife... being a mom has its challenges and I am grateful for them because it teaches me daily! Learning unconditional love has really taught me what’s really important in life 💙 #boymom

Physical Health: I’ve always been the fat one... 😕 the fat friend, the fat cousin, the fat sibling, the fat classmate... I tried every fad diet known out there ... I was a yo-yo with my weight ... I convinced myself that I didn’t like shopping or certain types of clothing ... I gave up so many times!!!!! Then I became a mom and I made a decision that I would never change! Herbalife truly changed my perspective on dieting ... why diet if you could LIVE?!?!?!

With that said, I started LIVING! I not only lost 65 pounds and kept it off... I am no longer the fat one, Healthy has become my lifestyle, I stay in between a 5 pound range... I love trying new outfits and styles... I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP AGAIN! 💚

Health Coach: I am a health Coach and I love helping others create the best versions of themselves! It is so rewarding to help someone get to their goal weight, to gain 15 healthy pounds, to get those abs they’ve always dreamed of! Do you have fitness goals?! Check out my wellness profile! Let’s get started!

Curly Hair Queen: naturally curly head... BUT, I am guilty of doing way too much to my hair throughout the years... from pharmacy relaxers at age 6 to crimson red hair in high school to keratin treatments to bleached locks to achieve blonde ombré hair.... My hair broke after they last one 😰 leading me to the only solution which was a BIG CHOP!!! From then on I vowed to deep conditioning, use curly hair products, and stay away from heat! A year later today, I am proud to say that my curls are looking how they looked when I was 5 😍

Key Word... PATIENCE (and not getting too stressed about looking like a boy prepubertal stage for awhile ✌💁)

To sum me right up...

Credit Repair Specialist 💵

Virtual FitCamp 💪🏼

🙋🏻Juliens' mom!👶🏻💚

Be the best version of yourself!

Don’t ever let anyone/anything dull your sparkle! Nadie me apaga mi vela 🕯

Be Your Biggest Fan

Self Love 💕