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Positivity Is Power

who am I & what do i do?😋

upon graduating high school I knew I never wanted to go to college. school has never been a strong suit for me! over the years I always had teachers shoving the idea that I had to go to college to be successful down my throat.. I have known my entire life that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and be able to live life on my own terms without a piece of paper telling me how successful I’m allowed to be.
I decided to partner with my favorite anti-aging vegan beauty company, at first I couldn’t see the things that the company could really do for me and the girls around me.
I then started seeing the girls around me get their free cars and going on free trips and doing things that I always thought was way out of the picture for me. and as I got more into the business I realized how amazing it really is. don’t get me wrong extra income and is amazing but without the people that I have met I don’t think I would be where I am mentally or physically.  these people have helped me realize that I have what it takes to be successful in for once it’s not a grade point average determining it.
growing up I didn’t have much I lost my dad to alcoholism at a really young age & for a long time I was filled with rage and was involved in a lifestyle that was not good for me. I finally decided to take control of my life and pursue my dreams. ever since joining this business I can now see clearly and wake up every day with a purpose and have the ability to help change peoples lives with just a bottle of shampoo.

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