As Beautiful As It Seems

My Young Adult novel

I grew up tearing through the Gossip Girl books and other young adult novels, and although I loved them, they all fell short in certain ways: Gossip Girl had terrible role models, other YA books weren’t real or sexy enough, and many weren’t funny enough for me or didn’t have friendships that I fell in love with. So I decided to create the book I wanted to read as a teen.

There’s some disguised guidance in the book as well (that took me way beyond my teenage years to understand) because I believe there’s no better way to learn than through storytelling.

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About Moi

I’m head of community by day and a writer by night ✍🏻

I believe in the power of vulnerable storytelling to teach, excite, entertain, enlighten, connect and empower humans. I’ve written a Young Adult fiction novel, As Beautiful As It Seems, and a short series called New York Stories that I believe do all of the aforementioned. I host community-building events in which I create space for humans to connect and share their stories, both for the start-up I work for and in life in general.

On that note—I work with an incredible start up called Huddle, where we help founders source teams from our global community to build whatever they need! I love connecting with and bringing great humans together IRL and do this in my free time too ❤️

I’m obsessed with writing and reading and have written a young adult book that I’m publishing in the coming months called As Beautiful As It Seems ✨

I also write New York stories, where I take REAL experiences—the magical, the sexy, the wild, the chaotic—that happened to me and people I know and make them read like fiction vignettes 📖

From one of my NY stories—“Jai”

Jon took her phone and Jai tipped her head back. She heard his sharp inhale and felt heat creep up between her legs. She had never done anything like this before, and it was exhilarating. She wanted to shock him. She lowered her head and locked eyes with him before putting one leg up on either side of the tub while he clicked away.