Hiii!! I’m Diane… an occasional baddie *humbly* but also a fu*king train wreck

Truly being TRIEDDDD by god. Here to talk about + show REAL life shit. Shit everyone is so hush hush about. Deteriorating shame, stigma, and rediscovering my self-love + belief, moving with purpose, being transparent & bringing yall with😩😂 have hit at least 5 of what most would consider “rock bottoms” + carry a boat load of trauma. Let’s chat ☕️☕️

I decided to create a new account so I can authentically be present on socials *bc I’ve quite literally fell off the grid, I go on insta and my friends are 1/2 way through their 2nd pregnancy & im likeeee 👀 when¿wut?? But hopefullyyyy friends/fam from my hometown don’t find this?? Bc I’m going to talk ab real life shit. I by no means am perfect. I’ve made 818283828 mistakes HOWEVER I am proud of myself for being able to recognize and take accountability when necessary. BUT let’s start with a passion of mine, which led to to finding my true passion, something that’s taught me so much and continues to… fitness. 😩🫶🏼 the KEY to mental health FR

I think a huge misconception of some people in the industry is that we were ALWAYS like this. I wasn’t an athlete growing up. If I considered joining a sport, I nervously thought about it until I decided not to join or eventually quit. I never was overweight, but I wasn’t in shape. Body image is something I’ve struggled with since I was probably 13; And if I’m being honest, it’s something that I still do struggle with occasionally, but like fitness.. self-love, personal development and quite literally everything in life is a journey. so please remind yourself of these three things

1️⃣Everyone was once a beginner and you WILL learn and find things that you enjoy, creating a new lifestyle

2️⃣Progress is NOT always linear.
3️⃣Consistency is absolutely essential. When you can’t stay motivated, stay consistent. Consistency brings back motivation.🔁

Background: I started my fitness journey in January of 2016 and Personal Training at a gym near my home in 2018. Since, I’ve learned so much and have been introduced to some of the best, most impactful people; And more importantly, found my true passion and purpose - helping others reach + realize their OWN capability.

In 2020 (2.5 years into my journey as a personal trainer) I was inspired to create my own individually tailored, science-based nutrition + exercise programs (which I am so excited to have the opportunity to do so for you right here, right now!) I spent 6 months, pouring my heart and soul into them with the goal of them being easily comprehended by a newbie & to generate visual client results that are sustainable!! To make a long story short, I was brought to tears in my office when I received the amount of transformation pictures that evening in November 2020 (photo below!). To this day, the most humbling feeling and THAT is what drives and inspires me - YOUR success and I can’t wait to be here and see how proud you are when you share your success with me.

What drove me to educate, encourage and provide more? In 2020, a part of me that was very unhealthy, ashamed, scared and secretive, a part of me that no one knew or would’ve guessed. I remember feeling alone, wanting change, but it feeling unattainable.. a “newbie” if you will. Compliments about my physical appearance began to hurt?? I was flown to Los Angela’s to model for a popular swimwear company that same year. Which was crazy?! I’m just a girl from a small town, surrounded by cornfields in good ole NWI🌽😂! After that trip, things got bad. I felt fake because no one knew how bad I was struggling on the *inside*. I was sick of hiding what was hurting me and pretending to be something I wasn’t. I’m no better than, nor more capable than you. I believe in you.

I felt fake preaching health, getting compliments, etc because I was practicing the absolute furthest thing from healthy. Quite literally, I was slowly killing myself and am grateful to be alive, my mom found me in my apartment with a .47 BAC. I didn’t go into that day anticipating that, but I needed help at that point.You should not feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help, no matter the situation. The best transformation is the one I’ve done (& continue to do) ✨within✨⁣, hands down. ⁣ ⁣
consistency will move mountains and you WILL get to wherever is that you want to be.

I opened up to my family and even the public about my alcohol problem in December 2020. After being in the ER three times within a year, I’m grateful to be alive and thankful to have never put anyone else’s life in harm. It’s okay to not to be okay and it’s okay to ask for help. I spent months trying to do it alone. It was dark. You may be taken back reading this. However, I’m open about my personal struggles and wouldn’t take anything back for the world because it’s formed the person that I am today. There is power in pain and ALWAYS an opportunity to do better.

Substance abuse / dependency is nothing to exaggerate or joke about. Neither is feeling unworthy, not loving the person you see in the mirror, being unhealthy, etc. A lot of times, things progress almost faster than we realize. Like physical health, mental health is equally as important; and like a physical transformation, change IS possible.

Which leads me here, I am so excited to be sharing without worrying ab what others think😂😭 going to be chatting toxic relationships, self-worth & love, boundaries, substance abuse, dependency, narcissistic abuse, owning you authentic self, forgiveness and 100% *hopefully* fitness bc i not only stand behind the fact that fitness/exercise/movement is the KEY to mental health, it’s scientifically proven. If I can, you can🫶🏼

Start your journey and keep on keeping on. You’ll lose weight, gain weight, have no idea what the hell you're doing, learn, fall off, grind, lose motivation, be motivated as hell, etc. ⁣You learn so much. It’s crazy to think about how much fitness impacts every aspect of your life. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that you really need to prioritize yourself. ⁣ You CAN. You FREAKING can. You are capable.👏🏼 Ask for help (I’m your girl!), educate yourself, push yourself, be kind to yourself, incorporate small changes.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, thoughts, experiences, stories or even if you need a pick me up because we all do. My motto: DRWC is the formula I used to make a physical transformation and is the same formula I used to overcome substance abuse and dependency. Discontentment ⟶ Realization ⟶ Willingness ⟶ Consistency.



what you didn’t see….





Getting Botox and Juvederm (lip injections) WARNING: GRAPHIC