Hello there, welcome to learning more about me! I am a mother of 3! I have 2girls and 1boy. I work two businesses. I am also a wife and an entrepreneur! ✨

I have always had in mind that I would do something big in life. I was still in high school when I had my first born. Of course a lot of people would say your life is over! It really wasn’t over my life was just starting just with a new human being !

I did marry her father shortly after we had her and 5 days before the wedding we found out we were pregnant with our second daughter. After she was born I let my self go and I did get the postpartum blues. I had to take time for myself and get my self back together.

Two years later I became pregnant with my son and I really thought I was going down hill after I had him but instead it was the opposite. I started looking into more how to take care of myself, because I am the type to put my husband and kids before myself. Well now this momma is working on her self running two businesses.

This April 2020 am opportunity came across my Dm’s and at first I was hesitant about taking the offer, but I thought about it and said well what the heck if I don’t try I won’t know what it brings. I took the opportunity and little by little I see my life changing.

I want people to see how much I have changed and I want them to know they can make a change for themselves. Come along this journey with me and see how much you grow and change for the better !! ✨