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Over the coming six weeks, we will discover the secret of writing stellar essays that reflect the true you. So roll up your sleeves, get your earphones ready cause it’s time to pen some epic papers.

Zoom Writing - A live, step-by-step workshop on writing awesome college and scholarship essays.
Whether you're using the Common Application or applying to one of the hundreds of public or private colleges or universities, this course will give you the tools to write an essay that demonstrates your core values and how you'll make meaningful contributions to your future college campus.


Discover what matters to you and at least 2-3 potential essay topics.

Before you begin drafting, I’ll help you create outlines to test which topic may be strongest.

I’ll help you get inspired to tell your story.

I’ll help you avoid common topics. In fact, I’ll share a list!

Learn what colleges are actually looking for in a personal statement.

Write your essay in less time and with less stress.

Heyya! Welcome 🙂

Myself Siddhika

Welcome to my little nook on the internet where I share my experiences. Let's ✂️ to the chase.

Acceptance from a top college comes down to how you market yourself. There are plenty of students with great test scores and grades, so in order to be accepted, what an applicant needs is to stand out✅

I am here to help you differentiate yourself after having walked through the process myself and helping many other peers🙂

If you want to have a mentor and a friend who can help you present yourself with a unique perspective (while saving em $$), book a FREE consultation session now! Because life has no CTRL + Z 😉

College Accelerate

Summer '21 Cohort

Hello people!

I just wanted to share with you about my upcoming summer ‘21 College Accelerate program which is to help students get a supportive peer group and guidance from current students as they apply to university.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Myself Siddhika Didel. I am a highschool senior graduating in 2021 from India.

This past year I applied to over 25 colleges worldwide and am happy to share that I got
admitted in 20+ with a combined merit scholarship of over $300,000 without any
additional applications! My experience in leadership roles in multiple international
organizations, participating and winning in extra-curriculars and getting my work published
in literary journals combined with my test scores and letters of recommendation is what
helped me shine my ‘luck’.

➕ If you are interested in discussing how we can collaborate to help you (or anyone else you
know who might be applying to university this year), I would be more than happy to help
📄 I have linked a plan roughly outlining my goals with this year’s College Accelerate
program (think of it as a summer program where you build your application with people
from around the world!).

✉ You can email me at siddhikadidel@gmail.com. You can also explore my social media platforms here: @didelsiddhika on Instagram and my LinkedIn @Siddhika Didel.

🌞 Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing you this summer!