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What is Honeygain?
Honeygain is an app for MacOS, Android and Windows that allows you to share your unused data in return for cash. Your devices are connected to the internet most of time, but when you are not using your phone or computer, like when you are asleep, your data remain unused.

Is Honeygain safe?
You might not like the idea of sharing your data, but it’s completely safe. Why you may ask?
– Honeygain only sells your data traffic to trusted partners like data scientists and Fortune 500 companies.

– Honeygain doesn’t even gather personal data except for your email address, your name and your IP address.

– The app also uses security controls:

* You can choose the amount of data you would like to sell per day

* All connections are encrypted

* The app doesn’t access your storage

If this doesn’t convince you, think about it in this way. You share unused data to many apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and even Instagram without your knowledge so why not share your data for a small amount of cash?