A Little About Me

Aspiring Digital Marketer

Hi! My name is Morgan and I am 24 years old from Atlanta, GA! I spend a lot of my time reading, cooking, and going on adventures.🌻 A plus about me is that I love animals.


Love Yourself

College Girl Podcast

Go Get It Girl

If your looking for a podcast to help you get through your days, Kilean and Abby are amazing! They strive to help females become the best version of themselves and challenge themselves. Give them a listen. You will not be disappointed.

Saying Yes To Things That Will Only Better You in 2021

Abby & Kilean discuss the importance of only saying yes to thing that will support & benefit you this year. It can be easy to just agree to do things without realizing that these "things" aren't benefitting you or that you simply just do not want to do them. They explain how you can stop making these choices & clear up room for decisions/activities that will benefit you.

Confidence Is Key

we break down confidence & why being confident is so important. We also give you many tips on how to work on building your confidence. Just remember, there is no shame in working on your confidence & there is also no shame in admitting that you are a confident person.

Labeling Yourself

we discuss labeling yourself & putting yourself in a box. We explain what that means & how it can hold you back from creating your dream life. We also discuss how other people like to put you in a box & how to prevent that from happening.

fall in love with yourself / how to date yourself

the girls are talking about how to love yourself and how you have to take care of yourself before trying to have other relationships. they give you different ideas and go into detail on how to take yourself out and how to be happy.