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Some Misconceptions About E-commerce that is Making Your Business Fail

- The internet is the future, so put your business on the internet you will succeed

WRONG, your business won't succeed by just putting it in the internet,. if you don't know or understand how it works you're going to spend so much time and money following every trend.

- E-commerce Website like Shopify, WooCommerce will grow your business.

Again WRONG, yes this tools will immensely help make your E-commerce business easy to use but it won't teach you how to run the business. You need proper information to be able to get customers to purchase what you're selling.

- You only need to work a few hours a week

WRONG again, maybe as a business owner who has made tons of money Ang have people to do their business but as a beginner you have to spend hours to get your business if the ground and constantly make Market Research to know what your customers and potential customers are reacting to.

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