I’m Esperanza! A fierce Latina, living life out loud and encouraging others along the way.

I wasn’t always this way. You see, it’s been a journey to get to this level of confidence in who I am and what I was created to do. For most of my life I’ve struggled to feel worthy. I’ve battled weight issues, fertility issues, and pregnancy loss among other things, all of which took a toll on how I viewed myself. With each gained pound, unsuccessful fertility treatment, and failed pregnancy I found myself doubting my worth further and further.

I struggled for decades to find that “magic pill.” I’ve taken it all and done it all. Yes! Even that cayenne and lemon drink. Insert eye roll! It would take months and a ton of effort to lose even just a little weight and then it would all come back after bouts of medication in my attempts to conceive and the emotional eating that ensued. It was a vicious cycle.

I’ve come to realize that all along I was treating the symptoms, not digging down deeper to the root of the problem. Being healthy is about so much more than a number on a scale or the shrinking of a waistline. It’s about the way we think: the things we say about ourselves to ourselves, our mindset.

On my health journey, with the support of my coach, I’ve been able to see past temporary fixes. I’ve made changes that are permanent, I’m certain of it. I am living out loud and standing firm in my identity. I was created digna! And so were you! You are worthy! Worthy of your dreams, worthy of your health, worthy of an abundant life.

Are you ready to reclaim your identity? May I walk alongside you on your health journey?

I’m ready to start my health journey!

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