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Art, puns, random thoughts—the recipe to Dindin Makes Art!

Hi, I’m Dindin. I pride myself on bringing characters and stories to life through art.

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My Top 3 Artworks

Stuff I Made

These pieces were a lot of fun to work on, and I absolutely loved how they came out.

Wildest Dreams album cover fanart

This is probably my biggest reaching static artwork—a thousand or so likes and shares within about 12 hours. But the reason it’s in my top 3 is because this was when I first felt like I had a handle on skin lighting. A confidence-booster for sure!

Grendan/G’ma of Drawtectives fanart

I truly just love how this came out! This piece made me realize I have a good workflow with regards to painting already. Despite being a fanart, it made me feel professional.

Commissioned Artwork (cropped)

This was one of my first big commissions. It’s a full-bodied image but in respect to the client I decided to crop it. I worked hard on all layers, from the background to the highlight. It took me a while to finish, though.

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Online & On-ground spaces you can spot me in!

Scheduled streams, webinars, and conventions. Some of these might not have a final date yet so remember to come back and check every now and then!

Twitch on Thurs & Sat 9pm-11pm

Sometimes I like to keep myself accountable with my art by streaming. Also, sometimes I play games!

DindinMakesArt - Twitch

Komiket 2022

Waiting for their announcement!

StickerCon MNL - TBA

I’m on the standby for StickerCon MNL’s announcement. See you there, hopefully!

StickerCon MNL - Facebook

Suggest an Event

If you have an event to promote or you need artists for, feel free to email me [[email protected]]