Our "Hagar" Season

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The Book of Genesis describes Hagar as an Egyptian slave, concubine of Abraham, mother of Ishmael, and a woman who came to know the true God. She fell short while serving her mistress and faced many challenges, but God helped her overcome them.

Like Hagar, we too as Christians have shortcomings and challenges to handle. Our "Hagar" Season shows us that Hagar's life journey is similar to our Christian journey. We are subject to service as she was, and are not excluded from tackling the challenges associated with serving.

Our "Hagar" Season is experienced on a phased basis. We need God's help to overcome, like Hagar or the challenges will overcome us.

The challenges pulled out the best in Hagar, and so they will pull out the best in us.


Hi, I'm Dioca Brown

I am a Jamaican Christian who enjoys writing since I was a child. Before I wrote a professional piece, I was told by many that I'm a writer. I believe this is a prophecy that has come true. I, however, never thought I would become an author of a book because I only usually write scripts for movies.

In 2020, I felt led to write a book despite the many challenges that were present. It is a non-fiction book titled Our "Hagar" Season. I also indulge in writing flash fiction as well as novels.

I intend to encourage, inspire, uplift, and entertain readers while glorifying God.