About Me

Hey there! I’m Sharon 👋 I live in Halifax NS. I’m a mom of 2 grown children and 2 furbabies. My Hobbies are reading, watching movies, spreading laughter and personal development .

Here’s my story
Before this crazy, Amazing Journey I was at a loss. I felt helpless. I was at my highest weight and had 0% confidence. I was miserable and lost myself. I was not the happy go lucky , joking all the time person I used to be. I made excuses to not go out when friends & family asked and they noticed. I wasn’t my usual self I once used to be. This just made me feel worse as I was on this vicious cycle of a downward spiral.
Since starting with Pure Therapeutic Ketones (PTK’S) I’ve found myself again. I may have lost 45 Lbs of fat but I have gained So much more! I feel like I got my life back My Joy back and my Self Confidence Back!
I am so excited to see what my future holds as I continue my journey to Better.
And I am so excited to help others find their BETTER Journey too!

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My results so far

Down 53 lbs and still on my journey 2 Ketones everyday & follow a dirty lazy keto / lowcarb lifestyle