Projekt: Vækstlag 9000

A project made to unite the collective art forms in Aalborg and then the rest of Northern Jylland


OnStage at BLOK X 29/2

Cross-Art Live at BLOK X Theatre festival 18/3

Next two events will be in Aalborg.
Then we’ll hit the road and visit Aars in April and Vendsyssel in may.

Then we will be back for KAVT performance festival

OnStage #9

Program :
19.30 Kaste Olsen - Poet
20.00 Andrea & Nina - Art Installation
20.30 LasseLyd - rapper
21.00 - 21.20 Artist talk

Location: BLOK X

Press going in the event

Cross-Art Live #7

What is Cross-Art Live?

An attempt to unite different forms of performing arts.

4 artists collaborate together. For example, an actor, a dancer, a painter and a musician. This can be varied, and it is only the imagination that sets limits!

The artists must improvise their own art forms together, at the same time and in the same place.

Nothing is planned or rehearsed - it is pure improvisation!

The art forms must merge and become one single piece of art.

The artists challenge their abilities within their own art forms, while expanding their networks of young artists within other styles - inspiring and being inspired by each other.

We put together the 4 artists to perform 2 x 30 minutes, with a break of 15 minutes in the middle. Subsequently, there is an artist talk, where the audience can ask questions about the artists' practices as well as the performance they have just experienced.


Multimedia artist based in Aalborg

My name is Nina Rose
I am one of three members of the project.

I am an Autodidact Illustrator
With a passion for acting, dancing, writing and singing.

My main focus in my artworks, is to work therapeutic with the subconsciousness of my mind and let my weird thoughts come to life.

My work is for myself and those who enjoy it. I do also take commissions, I like to get inspired by people and make unique artworks just for them.

I tend to draw in these different categories I made up : surreal blind-drawing
Oneliner (with or without color)
Illustrative scenarios/ comics

Fine line portraits in color or BW