Pivot Into Your Heaven


We live in a “Matrix” where Society tells us that life has to be hard and you can’t enjoy your life until you’re old or be in paradise until you’re dead. But what if it doesn’t have to be hard and you can enjoy life now in this very moment? What if it’s as easy as breathing?

From: Katie Medberry
Divine Honeybee
📍Las Vegas, NV

If you’re someone that is tired of living a hard life that society has told you to live and you want to live the life of your wildest DREAMS - then this will be the most important and exciting page you’ll read this year.
Here’s why:
I’m going to reveal…

A NEW way to pivot your life that you’re living right now into living your dream life.
But First, A Warning:
My NEW Pivot Into Your Heaven 1:1 Coaching, I outline on this page requires a shift away from OLD ways of thinking and doing things that don’t work anymore…
… things like having a negative mindset, playing victim, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, chasing the “emotional high”, not putting yourself out into the world because you’re scared.
If you’re not willing to accept that, this information will NOT work for you.
And without meaning to sound harsh, the best thing to do would be to leave this page now because I won’t be able to help you.
But if you’re looking for a very DIFFERENT and EXCITING way to pivot into your dream life, then let me introduce you to…
When you know how to live your life and show up as your GREATEST and most authentic self.
Then you can say goodbye to the “life is hard” mentality.
You can say goodbye to the victim story.

And you can finally say goodbye to playing small in life!
This unique Pivot Into Your Heaven is unlike any of the common mindset strategies you’ve seen.
… and it’s the same method that helped me to step into my greatest self and live my Heaven on Earth in the present moment.
The process for how Pivot Into Your Heaven works is actually very simple.
It’s just 3 steps:
Step 1: Be Brave

Saying yes to yourself and the life that you deserve to live takes bravery. So say YES and be BRAVE even when it feels scary.
Step 2: Become Aware
By becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions you are able identify and pin point were it has come from. Then your able to shift the negative to a positive mindset.
Step 3: Trust

When you trust yourself, you will start trusting the universe. Because you are one with it and the universe only wants to support you in this experience we call life.
Pivot Into Your Heaven is the “missing link” that will allow you to shift your mindset/emotions quickly and efficiently.
This unique 1:1 Coaching is your compass to navigating the Matrix and live your Heaven on Earth!
Now you've already seen how the fastest way to claim your dream life is with Pivot Into Your Heaven.

Now imagine what could happen if you had YOUR OWN Pivot Into Your Heaven?
Imagine how that could change your mindset and life?
Imagine having a simple system to catapult your dreams into reality.
Imagine getting what you want out of life… easier, better and faster than ever.
When I discovered Pivot Into Your Heaven… EVERYTHING CHANGED! 
But shifting your mindset and emotions around this unique method can be hard.
For starters, there's NO PLACE on earth to get your hands on this information.

And even if there were, doing it on your own may take years of trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars wasted on easily avoidable mistakes.
The good news is…
I’m going to be there every step of the way with Pivot Into Your Heaven with you!
You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own...
All you have to do is apply the simple method that I’m about to give you!
And by apply...
I mean, you take my teachings, incorporate them into your life and start to see that you have a whole new life and lifestyle.

Things change when you think and feel differently. When you do things differently. When you bring awareness into your life. Watch your life transform into your Heaven on Earth.

Does that sound like something you want?
If it is, I can help you.
But there’s more to the story.
Getting amazing results and actually pulling this off is – like most things – harder than it looks.
And totally transforming your life now into your dream life takes time, effort and energy.
In order for me to really help you, I need to work with you personally, each week for about 2 months!
If you’re interested in working together…
Pivot Into Your Heaven is for anyone that is ready to let go of the struggle of life and step into there own paradise here in the present moment.
If that's YOU, I’d like you to join me!
Here’s What’s Included in Pivot Into Your Heaven:

8 Weeks of LIVE 1:1 coaching over Zoom to shift your mindset and emotions to live your Heaven on Earth.

PLUS, You’re Also Getting:

•Holy Fire Reiki*
•Light Language*
•Human Design*
•Text Support
•and more…

*Holy Fire Reiki is a energetic healing modality and I use it to remove emotional trauma from the body. This is not a religious practice.
*Light Language is your soul’s language and frequency. I use Light Language to heal and activate your crystalline DNA.
*Human Design is a system that is a combination of many different modalities like Astrology, Kabbalah and I Ching. I use it to see how it would be best to for you to Pivot your emotions.
Now you have two choices…
The first option: You can go it alone and keep getting stuck in the same old pattern of thinking and being, not getting out of the “struggle” mindset.
The second option: We can do it TOGETHER and get you in the mindset of your greatest self so you can step right into your Heaven.
But before you apply, let me be brutally honest…
This is NOT for everybody.

Who Pivot Into Your Heaven is for:
•Someone who has the desire to change their life
•Someone that is tired of being in the “struggle” mindset
•Someone that is dedicated to putting in the work

Who Pivot Into Your Heaven is NOT for:
•Someone that wants to play victim and blame everyone else for their problems
•Someone that says that they want change in their life, but does nothing to change it
•Someone that doesn’t take risks
If you feel this is right for you…
Here’s How to Apply:
Set up a 1:1 consultation call with me by clicking below!