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Author: Anon Owl

Date Night: Part 1

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Shawn and I haven’t gone on a date night in years. Between baby #1 and baby #2, ripping and running between work, school meetings, and family gatherings while still trying to find time to get a decent night’s sleep, we haven’t had any time at all for us. So you can only imagine how excited I felt to be sitting in this private booth in the back of Venkman’s next to my husband and all his glory.

I felt like royalty with the smooth, leather chesterfield underneath my hips while I shifted back and forth to the sound of Kenny G’s “Silhouette” playing over the restaurant speakers. The dimmed lights from the chandelier overhead glistened off of Shawn’s golden brown skin, and every time he smiled I swear it felt like I was meeting him again for the first time. Like I was back in that gymnasium at Howard University sitting on the bleachers after track practice, watching Shawn run up and down the court—full of sweat and probably musty…but still with that same gorgeous smile. I spend almost every day with my husband, but tonight he was the most handsome that I had seen in while.

His white gold herringbone fell around the collar of a heather grey, fitted turtleneck—showing off the muscles he built up 3 times a week at the gym. We’d both made a commitment to go 2-3 times a week to ensure we cared for self; him to build strength to play with and protect his children and myself to lose some of this post-partum weight. I matched his game sitting next to him in a maroon colored sweater dress with a high slit in the thigh area and deep neckline to show a little skin. My breast looked as plump and buttered as the rolls we had sitting in front of us on the table. I made sure to throw a little extra bronzer on so they would shine under the light.

After the waiter sat us down and took our drink orders for the evening, we finally had each other to ourselves. “Kendra, you look amazing all the time but baby tonight, you are stunning. Taking my breath away. You’ve really been putting in the work at the gym and it shows.” I blushed as Shawn continued on praising my progress. When we made the commitment to start working out again, we both agreed that we would go on separate days so that we could be surprised by each other’s growth. I see now why that was such a great idea because I could feel my energy rising as he gushed over how beautiful I not only looked, but also felt tonight.

“Thank you babe,” I responded while leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t until then that I got a whiff of his heavenly scent; reminiscent of an Egyptian musk oil. Earthy yet sharp, it was pleasant from my nose down to the seat of my thong, which I now felt becoming moist as I continued to admire my husband. I worked to calm my brain down so that I could savor this moment with him and not rush through the evening. Who knew when we would get another night like this again?

“A merlot for the lady and your dragon beer sir,” the waiter expressed as he sat our drinks down. Two more glasses later and we were both buzzed while enjoying a Hawaiian Ribeye with golden potatoes and crispy brussel sprouts, tossed in a maple dressing with blue cheese crumbles. This was one of our favorite meals to enjoy together. I typically cook for the family during the week and tonight it felt so great to enjoy a meal prepared by someone else. So good, that I accidentally let a moan slip out while chewing a tender piece of the ribeye. “Ohhhhh this is so good,” I didn’t even bother feeling embarrassed about it. The sound of my moan didn’t catch Shawn off guard, as he was used to food being an aphrodisiac for me. Playing into my emotions, he leaned over and whispered, “that’s not the last time you’ll be saying that tonight.”

I instantly felt my thong become even more saturated as he continued whispering sweet-nothings to me. Feeling the warmth of his breath on my neck and ear caused my nipples to harden fast. I squirmed a bit in the booth, spreading my legs to get some air and try to relieve myself of the sexual tension I began to feel all over my body. When I opened my legs to create more room to breathe, I accidentally bumped Shawn’s knee and he received that as a cue to begin stroking up and down my right thigh with the tips of his fingers, causing goosebumps to rise all over.

“Babe stooopppppp, you are going to make me convulse in the back of this restaurant,” I pleaded with him. He quit muttering in my ear and went back to his ribeye but didn’t remove his hand from my thigh. Instead of strumming it, he let it rest there comfortably—occasionally rubbing as we talked to each other about our day and things happening in the world. I enjoyed our intimate moments like this even amongst the days that felt chaotic because they reminded me that we were the right fit for each other. That God selected us for one another.

The waiter came to take our empty dishes and asked if we would be interested in seeing the dessert menu. “I think I’m already looking at it,” Shawn said as his eyes glazed over me accompanied by a devilish grin. My cheeks turned bright red as I responded, “we would love to see a dessert menu.” As the waiter walked back towards the kitchen to put in our request, I turned to Shawn and told him to stop teasing and tantalizing me. “What, like you don’t like it?” he responded as he began to stroke my thigh again. This time, I didn’t hold back and returned the favor by rubbing the lower part of his back while planting a few kisses on his cheek and neck. I didn’t care about anyone else in the restaurant or if we were being watched. The only thing on my mind was that I was finally alone with my husband.

The napkin in his lap fell to the ground and I could see his print bulging through his dark, slim fitting slacks I bought him for Father’s day earlier in the year. Seeing his love rise made me warm but not afraid. I moved my hand from the small of his back around his waistband and began to brush his thigh the same way he was doing mine.

“Baby do not mess with me, I will lay you across this table and make love to you,” he threatened as I got closer to the swelling in his pants. “DO IT.” I threatened back boldly. I think he would have done it had the waiter not returned in that moment with our dessert; a graham cracker crusted cheesecake topped with strawberries and a sweet syrup. “Enjoy.”

I began to dig my fork into a slice of cake when Shawn grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “Let me feed you, my love.” I gracefully passed him the fork and watched him as he dipped in for a piece of cake topped with strawberry and syrup. I opened my plump lips to receive his offering as he slid delight into my mouth. When I closed my lips to enjoy the bite, a bit of syrup didn’t make it and fell onto the area of my cleavage that was visible. Immediately reacting, I wiped my finger across my breasts to clean myself off and before I could dispose of the syrup, my finger was resting inside of Shawn’s warm and wet mouth.

“Damn,” he exhaled as he removed my finger from his mouth. “That’s some good cake.” I couldn’t tell if he was talking about the syrup or my breasts but either way, I was feeling extremely aroused by this point and could tell he was too. He began caressing my thigh again while feeding me more pieces of cake—slowly strumming up and down, squeezing, and moving his hand closer and closer to my inner moisture. With two fingers, he moved to feel my thickness through my thong, which caused me to gasp out loud. “Shhhhh, you’re going to get us in trouble.”

I tried my best to maintain my composure while he moved his fingers in a circular motion around the fatness of my pussy. This was the best cheesecake I’d ever had in my life. He moved lower towards my clit. I was sure I’d never had a piece of cheesecake better than this. His strong fingers glided the string of my thong to the side and he began to slide his finger up and down my wetness before making a full entry inside. This cheesecake would forever be remembered. “Fuuuuccckkkkkk,” I whispered out a soft moan to my husband who was making me hotter and hotter by the second. “If you like that baby then I got something bigger for you,” he teased as he continued to finger me under the table.

I could hear a sound similar to that of stirring a fresh batch of mac and cheese as Shawn increased his speed, adding another finger and thrusting them both in and out of my kitten. He slowed down a bit when the waiter returned with our check for the evening. The look on my face had to be one of pure pleasure. “Mr. and Mrs. Wilmington, we enjoyed having you tonight. Take your time and we will see you again soon,” said the waiter before leaving us for the last time that evening. Shawn slowly pulled his finger out of me and stuck it in his mouth to clean away my wetness before grabbing the check. After tossing a few dead presidents inside, he reached for my hand to guide me up and out of the booth, knowing that I was probably feeling weak from the teasing he had just given me.


I sat in the passenger side of our black-on-black Cadillac escalade with soft leather seats feeling like a million bucks. Toni Braxton’s “You’re Making Me High” played softly in the background after Shawn started the engine. Nipples hard and pussy still throbbing, I told Shawn to gas it to the house. I did not want to waste another minute before I could have his love. Without putting our home address into the GPS, Shawn floored it out of the restaurant parking lot and around the corner to catch the I-95. Once we got on the highway, we were disappointed to find ourselves caught in the middle of some nightly roadwork—slowing down traffic 3x the normal rate.

“FUCK!” I shouted, thinking about how horny Shawn made me during dinner. “I know babe, I know,” he responded while rubbing the bulge in his pants. “Believe me, I would give you this dick right now if I could.” That was the last straw for me. I lifted both of my legs up onto the dashboard of our SUV and grabbed his hand to give me more pleasure while I unbuttoned the waistband of his slacks. I moistened my hand before teasing the top of his dick, sending him into a slew of vulgar obscenities. “FUCK Kendra, stop playing with me.”

“This is not a game to me baby,” I responded as I moved down the shaft of his dick and towards his sack, tickling it delicately. He grunted so low and deep that I knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer either. “Wait, I know a place,” he realized and quickly took the next exit we could get off at. Not long after, we arrived at the parking deck of his job where he scanned in and drove to the top floor. Before our eyes was the most beautiful view of the city and the seaport of Miami. All of the lights lit up the night so stunningly. I hopped down out of the car and entered the cool November air, moving towards the edge of the deck to admire the view. Shawn rolled down the windows and turned up the music before cutting the engine off, not far behind me. “This is such a beautiful view baby.”

“Yes, it’s a very beautiful view,” he responded sarcastically as he pushed his bulge up against my hips. I could tell he wasn’t talking about the skyline and I met his energy by pushing my hips back against him. “Baby, I need you NOW!” I demanded as I turned around to meet his lips with mine. His lips felt sweet and soft as he kissed me, gently torturing me with his tongue as he wrapped it around mine then moving down my neckline to my breasts. With both hands, he reached up to cup them through my dress, his thumbs circling my nipples. I moaned loud at the feeling of his lips on my cleavage and his hands on my body. When I thought I couldn’t get any more aroused, he moved my neckline down revealing two plump breasts inside a black lace bra. After unhooking the front, he slipped one nipple into his mouth while continuing to fondle the other with his thumb.

My moans grew in volume as he traded back and forth between breasts, making sure they received equal love. Occasionally he would leave one to feel the cool breeze, keeping them stiff. All I could do was stand there with my hands around his chin, trying not to fall over in my 6-inch heels from my knees buckling. Silk’s “Freak Me” serenaded us in the background as we felt each other’s love. He moved further down my stomach planting kisses all over while continuing to brush circles around my nipples. When he got closer to my navel, his hands shifted to my round backside as he lifted my dress above my hips.

“Shawn, are you sure we won’t get caught up here?” I hesitated, now feeling fully revealed. “Baby, I’m way too fucking horny to worry about that,” he said. I was horny too and let that care float out of my mind as soon as I felt him pull my thong to the side and rest his tongue on my clit. As he flickered it back and forth, occasionally sucking up my wetness and sliding in a finger or two, I started to lose control. My legs were trembling, and I felt like I was going to burst into flames.

“Shawn…I…..need you…. now,” I moaned out between gasps for air. When he arose from eating my pussy for his dessert, I pulled down his slacks—letting them fall around his ankles. He turned me around and bent me over the edge of the parking deck, poking my backside with his thick, firm dick. Teasing me. I jumped up and down begging Shawn to give me what I had been craving for days and weeks at a time. After rubbing the tip of his head against my wetness, he started to stuff his hardness into my tight walls, pulling all the way out and letting me stand there and jump for more like a little girl.

“Gimme, gimme… please Shawn,” I pleaded, not knowing I was about to get the ride of my life. He stuffed his dick back inside of me and began to stroke in and out gently, causing me to let out a loud, long groan for the city of Miami to hear. There is nothing better than that first moment of penetration…or so I thought. His dick was so hard, I thought I might cry.

“I love you Kendra.” He repositioned his feet and sped up his strokes, plunging in and out of me to a sweet rhythm that kept me on my toes. “You are a wonderful wife. You take such good care of me and the kids. I love you so much.” I met his strokes by grabbing a hold of the railing, arching my back, and slapping my fat ass back onto him—which drove him crazy. “Daaaaammmmn baby, you’re really fucking me right now. That ass feels so good to me. Don’t stop. SHIT!” I responded, “I would do anything for you.”

Before I could get into a really good groove, Shawn licked his finger and started tickling my asshole. THAT. DROVE. ME. INSANE. When he saw my reaction, he licked his finger again and began sliding it in and out of my ass. Between his moans, outbursts, and feeling erotic sensations from both my ass and pussy, I started creaming against his dick. It ran down each side of my leg. “Baby, you’ve got me so fucking wet right now. My God.” I cried out for the divine to help me because I had no idea how this was going to end. Here I was being bent over one of the highest heights of the city with the most beautiful view in front of me, feeling indulgence after indulgence in every inch of my body.

Shawn’s dick got even harder as he removed his finger from my ass and began to pound the life out of my pussy. “FUCKKKK!!!!” we sang out in unison as he drove in and out of me faster and faster, causing my legs to shake uncontrollably. “Baby I think I’m finna cuuuummmmmm!!!!!!” I screamed out, making Shawn become more rhythmic with his strokes. Once he started hitting my g-spot, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My body started convulsing and he caught me as my knees buckled underneath me, no longer being able to hold myself up. We both fell to the ground, laughing at my lack of strength in the moment.

After getting up and dusting ourselves off, Shawn began to re-dress himself. “But wait babe, you didn’t finish, did you?” I asked, concerned about pleasing my man. “Make it up to me?” He asked while kissing me on the forehead and then on the lips.

We hopped back in the truck to hit the i-95 again, this time with no traffic. The entire way home, I thought of 30 different ways to make him nut by the end of the night, beaming with excitement at the thought of getting to make love to my husband again once we got home.


AUTHOR: Anon Owl

Date Night: Part 2 🥀

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As we rode down the highway, now free and clear of traffic, I could still feel my dick pulsating from Kendra’s grip. Making love to her from behind was my favorite. The deep curvature in her spine while watching her cream all around me turned me on like nothing else and after a few moments ago, I now have a new memory accompanied by the Miami skyline. I wanted to floor it so we could get back home fast and finish what we started, but I decided to take my time instead and enjoy the moment.

I looked over at my wife, laid back in the passenger seat with a post-coitus grin as she drifted in and out of a blissful snooze. She didn’t put her bra back on after our rendezvous and I fought every temptation to reach over and slide my hand across her breasts. I knew it would make me pull over for another quickie and what I had ready for her was going to take some time. “Baby are we there yet?” she leaned up and whispered in a voice that sounded in between defeat and wanting more. “Almost,” I responded coolly and watched her press back into her recline. The night was still young at 11:30pm and I hoped that after this little snooze, she would have enough energy to tousle with me some more.

I remember the first time I ever had sex with Kendra. We were juniors at Howard back in 2012 whose athletic paths crossed frequently at practices and sporting events. After months of harmless flirting (and several times of her turning me down) she finally said yes to going out with me on a date. Neither one of us had a car on campus and were thankful that ride-sharing services were becoming popular at the time. I met her at her dorm room and ordered us a ride to Stan’s restaurant, a DC staple for great food, drinks, and a dope atmosphere. That night we had every meal in the book; appetizers, drinks, entrée’s, desserts…anything that would allow us to spend more time together. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we didn’t want to go home and eventually had to be kicked out of the restaurant.

After getting dropped back off to campus, I walked Kendra up to her dorm and she asked if I wanted to come in. I tried to play it cool because I really liked her and did not want her to think I was just into her for sex, even though I found her to be extremely attractive. Back then she wore her hair long and straight, jet black. She had some meat on her bones, but everything was toned and smooth from her track conditioning. Of course I wanted to go in but responded that it was late, and I should probably get going. She understood but when we leaned into one another to exchange a hug and goodnight kiss, we discovered that we couldn’t be torn apart. The next thing you know I found myself skin-tight with her in a twin-size bed, stroking her all night underneath the sheets.

As a man of God, I never regretted the moment with her because I knew from the instant we sat down at Stan’s that Kendra was going to be my wife. I could feel it in my gut. We thought it would be a while before we got married, given that we wanted to finish our degrees and start building a foundation for a family, and it was hard to abstain. Eventually out of tension in wanting to honor God with our relationship and fighting not to mangle through our flashes of intimacy, we decided to elope during our senior year. Fast-forward 8 years later and we are still standing, with two “mini-me’s” and a purpose-driven life to show for it. It hasn’t been easy dealing with all the highs, lows, and in betweens of a lifetime partnership, but I would not have wanted to do it with anyone other than Kendra. The best part about it all has been the relationship we share with God; both individually and together. Because of it, we have withstood the tests of our time.


After pulling into the garage and cutting the car off, Kendra didn’t move a muscle. I unfastened my seatbelt and got out of the car to walk around and wake her up. Closing the door on my side stirred her and when I opened her door, I found her stretching her body out as if she’d just enjoyed a deep slumber. “Hey sleepyhead,” I said while rubbing her thigh, letting her know I was still jonesing for her affection. She reached out her arms in a childlike motion for me to carry her and I obliged, grabbing her out of the seat by her hips. Her arms wrapped around my neck like a child and I pressed my face into her breasts to motorboat her. Her laughter as I tickled her brought a smile to my soul and I began to plant kisses on her lips and face while tightening my grip on her ass—carrying her towards the door leading into our kitchen.

Once we got inside, I put her down and she guided me through the kitchen into our sunken living room, motioning for me to sit down on our sectional sofa. “Wait here, I’ll be right back,” she said before disappearing off. The sofa pulled me in as I laid my head back to relax and waited for my wife to return. Not realizing how tired I was myself, I dozed off. The feeling of my shoes being pulled from my feet woke me back up and I looked down to see Kendra modeling a 3-piece lingerie garter in black lace, making my dick start to stiffen up again. “Good, you’re awake,” she said and offered me one of the two glasses of wine she placed on the coffee table next to us. “Damn baby, is that a new piece?!” I asked, excited about how good she looked. “Yes, I bought it just for tonight. Just for you,” she responded with a look of love in her eyes. God, how did I deserve to be blessed with a woman as beautiful as her?

We both took a few sips of wine while she remained on the floor in front of me, lightly rubbing my feet and letting me relax. “Alexa, play ‘Making Love’ playlist from Apple Music,” I stated, bringing a smile to Kendra’s face. She was a music enthusiast and LOVED when I listened to her playlists. Rihanna’s “Kiss it Better” was first on the list, affirming my wife’s next moves.

She geared up on her knees and placed her finished wine glass back on the coffee table, then began to rub both of her hands up and down my thighs—arousing me more after almost drooling over her new lingerie. Her hands were gentle as she undid the waistband of my slacks and I helped her pull them down by lifting my hips up. My black boxer briefs had a small wet circle on the front, which made Kendra giggle softly. “Mmmmm, somebody’s ready for me huh?” She rubbed her hands up and down my shaft through my boxers, teasing me gently. She stopped over the area of my precum stain and moved her thumb in a circular motion, confirming my wetness. I felt chills begin to go through my body from my neck down into the area behind my knees. I wanted her so bad and couldn’t wait to feel her around me.

My boxers found their way around my ankles along with my slacks and she removed them both—throwing them to the side and making less room between her and I. Her breasts sat plump between my knees, occasionally brushing against the bottom of my thighs…making me hotter each time they did. “What are you willing to doooooooo?” Rihanna cried out in the background as Kendra moistened my dick, allowing spit to drool from her mouth before taking me in both hands. As she tenderly massaged me back and forth, my tip rested on the top of her warm, wet tongue. She planted soft kisses on it before fully emerging me into her mouth, causing me to let out a long and deep “fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk”.

I rolled my eyes back and let them close as I drifted off into a state of bliss, enjoying the feel of my hardness in her mouth. She was perfect at sucking me off; deep throating my shaft, massaging my balls with her free hand, and making sure no teeth touched me EVER. When I would occasionally open my eyes to look at her, I could see her becoming hornier and hornier as she pleased me. Her eyes were closed as she moaned, the vibrations in her voice making my dick pulsate. On the ground her feet and hips were spread apart beneath her moving back and forth as her neck did…almost as if she was riding me. Her breasts still sat between my knees plump only now with hard nipples. I tickled them every moment I could handle coming out of bliss for a second to do so, which turned her on even more. I knew when Kendra was like this, I could ask her for anything I wanted, and she would indulge me.

“Bet you won’t let me titty fuck you?” I dared with a sly grin and heated eyes. She took that as a challenge and unsnapped the front of her bra, letting her round breasts dump out. I slid closer to her while she reached up for a bottle of oil on the nightstand that I didn’t see before. I guess she was more ready for me than I thought. After drizzling the oil across each of her breast, she began rubbing it in using circular motions as I watched, rubbing my dick in her place. “You like watching me baby?” she asked, and I nodded my head as I bit my lip waiting for her to finish. When she slid my dick in between those big, oily tits—I knew pleasure like I never knew it before. She bounced up and down with her hands pressing her boobs together, creating a tight grip around my shaft. Our eyes would catch each other for a moment as we indulged together, only to be broken by extreme moments of stimulation that caused one of us to shut or roll them back.

When I started feeling like I was about to cum, I slowed her down because I knew I wanted something else before I did. Something nasty and freaky, yet—fulfilling. Before I could even process what I was doing, I moaned out “Kennnndraaaa, let me fuck your face!!!!!”. As soon as I did it I was nervous, knowing this was something I didn’t ask for often and something she didn’t always enjoy, but tonight she looked at me with her lip bitten saying, “baby, I’m all yours. Do with me as you please.” That was all I needed to shoot up from the couch, grab her head in my hands, and slowly drive my dick back into her mouth. Once I had a steady grip on the floor and felt her become comfortable below me, I grabbed her sleek ponytail and began thrusting my love in and out of her mouth.

Listening to her moans and watching her eyes water up did nothing to slow me down. I was too in love to quit. When I looked down, I noticed she was fingering her clit while I stroked her, wanting to be pleasured too. I pulled out and let her breath for a moment, picking her up and laying her on the couch. “Turn upside down for me baby,” I said, coming up with an idea on the spot that would work for us both. She flipped over on her back with her legs over the top of the couch, head facing me with both sets of lips in the air. I got on my knees and put my dick back in her mouth smoothly, parting her legs to give her what I knew she wanted. While I face-fucked her some more, I used my fingers to play with her clit and finger her, driving her wild. I kept grinding and she kept getting wetter and wetter. I could see the cream running out of her onto the couch as I kept going, feeling my own dick about to bust. “Baaaaaaaabbbeeeee, I’m b-b-boooouuttt to nuttttt”, I crooned out while feeling on edge. She gave me the thumbs up, meaning keep going—which was all she could do in the crazy position I had her in.

Shortly after, I released into her mouth letting out loud groans as sensation exploded all over my body. When I pulled my dick out of her mouth, it was still hard wanting for more. She flipped over and looked at me with puppy dog eyes and I knew she hadn’t finished yet. I sat down on the couch next to her and when she saw that I was still hard, she straddled across me and inserted me into her wetness. “Shiiitttttt!” we both cried out together. I rubbed her clit briskly while she bounced up and down on my shaft for the longest periods of time that she could. When she got tired, I would wrap one arm around her waist and grab underneath her thigh with my other hand—splashing in and out of her pussy as fast as I could.

“Damn Shawn!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!” she kept crying out, letting me know she was on the verge of ecstasy.
With one last burst of vitality, I wrapped both of my arms around the small of her back, pressed my face into her breasts, and pounded her pussy from underneath with hard and fast strokes—making me erupt again inside her as she caved in, shuddering in my arms. We both laid there in silence, panting in heat. “Romantica” by Marion Meadows floated through our ears in the background as we rested within one another, feeling more connected than ever. When she finally got some energy, Kendra lifted her head and looked me in the eyes. “I love you,” she whispered. I returned it with a kiss on the chin.


Author: Anon Owl


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Monday, April 6th started the third week of quarantine for Lance and me. At first, we thought this whole Corona Virus thing was just a hoax. We were now coming to find that it was a real thing and real people were becoming infected. Even dying. Our anxiety levels rose higher and higher each day—trying to keep up with all of the social distancing guidelines and practice new sanitizing habits, even at home. Only a few months before on the cusp of February, Lance and I exchanged our vows for forever and moved into our first condo together; a two bedroom/two-and-a-half bath single level unit that overlooked the west side of the city. Spacious, yet intimate enough for our comfort. We felt so blessed to have snagged a unit facing sunset each night and often spent a lot of evenings on our small balcony, covered with plants and dimly lit string lights, watching the sun go down. Each with a glass of our favorite wine.

During the first two weeks of Atlanta’s stay-at-home order, Lance and I focused on isolating from one another—completely unaware if we had been exposed to the virus. He spent most nights on the living room daybed or on the futon located in our second bedroom while I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in our new king size bed. During the day, we each selected a spot at least 6-feet away from each other to get our work done. When we weren’t locked away in a closet on a private call or focusing on an upcoming deadline, we made a commitment to social distance but be in each other’s presence between the kitchen and living area. We played soft music in the background as we worked—taking occasional breaks to stretch and release the tension that working from home can sometimes bring.

With me working in the digital marketing industry, our company’s business increased drastically to match the current stay-at-home culture; causing many existing campaigns to be paused and re-adapted. I had been working almost day and night from last Wednesday until now to meet a deadline that was set to release later this evening. During this time, I was so strung out emotionally and my attitude was shot. Lance and I did not spend many of our days working together and I often was very snappy with him. For days I had been dreaming for this Monday to come because it would signify the end of our 14-day quarantine period, and we would have the opportunity to be intimate again… but today as I approached this 5pm deadline all I could think about was the MASSIVE nap I would take once it was all over. I had also been granted the day off tomorrow as a “thank-you” from my boss for all of my hard work. I COULD NOT WAIT.

As I saw 4:59pm display in the top right corner of my MacBook screen, I logged off and exhaled like a balloon with a small hole in it. Lance lifted his eyes to glance at me from across the room while he finished up a report about donor engagement for his non-profit; an after-school and summer program to provide African-American youth with safe, alternative activities. “All done?” he asked with a slight grin, knowing that “nice Leah” would be on the verge of returning to him soon. I was so grateful that God chose us to be partners for one another. Even in a few short months of us meeting and marrying, I knew Lance had what it took to rock with me during the hard times.

“Yes, finally! I am headed straight to bed,” I responded. His face looked a little disappointed as he remembered that this was our first day of being able to touch one another again, but I hoped he would understand how tired I was not take it personally. I shuffled into the bedroom for the rest I so greatly desired. After releasing my starter locs from the tight ponytail I had them in all day, I didn’t even bother to take my clothes off before crawling under the covers. I was wearing a waist length green cardigan over a white tank top with ribbed lines. My hips held a pair of sweater shorts, and some knee-high socks from Nike. The soft materials of these pieces made them perfect for napping in, and I was ready to float away to dreamland—leaving my last project along with the days stressors behind.


I woke up to light taps on my shoulder, finding Lance crouching down next to me on the side of our bed. “Hey sleepyhead,” he said with a grin that could give any human (dead or alive) butterflies. His deep brown skin looked so radiant as the city lights shone into our full length window. His hair was full of soft curls that started at the top of his crown, traveling down his jawbone, and hovering around his lips. He looked a little scruffy from not being able to leave the house for a haircut, but it was growing on him in a way that made me even more attracted to him. “Hey,” I smiled back, feeling myself drifting back into dreamland. “Unh-uh, wake up I have a surprise for you.” After he saw me not budge at all, his 6”3 medium-build gracefully scooped me off the bed and started carrying me towards the bathroom. “Nooooo Lance, I want to sleep,” I requested with my eyes still closed as he carried me towards the door.

An aroma of lavender and vanilla immediately hit me, and I opened my eyes to see candles lit in every corner of our bathroom. Our garden tub was full of water, bubbles, essential oils, and flower petals. “Oh Lance, you shouldn’t have. This is so sweet!” I gushed as he placed me on my feet. “Leah, you have been so stressed with work and trying to keep the condo clean. You deserve to relax,” he said as he kissed me on my forehead and then my cheek, down to my lips. While kissing me tenderly, he slid my cardigan down my arms and lifted my tank top above my head—finding that I was not wearing a bra. He kissed both of my nipples once each, delighting me, and continued to slide my shorts down, grabbing my socks along the way. “Get in,” he motioned towards the bathtub.

I slid all 160lbs of me down into the hot, bubble-filled water. “Babe, you have it just the way I like it.” He grabbed a loofa off of the sink counter and met me on the side of the tub, but didn’t get in. “You’re not getting in with me?” I asked like a child leaving their mother on the first day of school. “No ma’am, this is all for you,” he said as he dipped the loofa into the water, applied my favorite African Black Soap body wash, and began to bathe me from neck to toe. He started making small circles around my collar bone area, which sent tingling sensations through the nerves in every part of my body. As he moved lower towards my dainty breasts, I cozied in deeper underneath his touch.

“Baby, you sure do know how to make me feel good,” I uttered as he grabbed my facial wash and squeezed some into his hands—lathering them together before asking me to close my eyes. With my head leaned back against the top of the tub, he planted each of his hands on my face affectionately and washed my cheeks, nose, lips, and forehead. He even wrapped his fingers and thumbs around the front and back of my ears, rubbing against my lobes and cartilage. The relaxation I felt in this moment was everything I didn’t know I needed and that my little nap alone couldn’t cure.

Afterwards, he applied more soap to a loofa and guided it across every inch of me—from my stomach to my thighs and even down to my feet. I was so caught up in the feeling I didn’t even notice the soft neo-soul playlist in the background—“Words” from India Arie and Anthony Davis suspended in the air above me. “I’m your husband, it’s my job to make you feel good,” he said, following up with a few kisses on my shin as he lifted my leg and began massaging my feet. He took his time, tenderly lathering soap and water in between each of my toes with his strong fingers. Once he finished that, he began to massage each foot back and forth. As his thumbs pressed deeper into my arch, I let out a whimper—telling him yes it hurts but to keep going because it feels so good.

After massaging both of my feet, he took his time rinsing my body off. Then, he got up and told me to have a few moments to myself and that he would be waiting for me when I got out of the tub. I allowed myself to sit for a few minutes in the warm water and soak in the beautiful experience that my husband had just given to me. I was so grateful in that moment to be quarantined with a man who loved me and cared for me enough to make me feel this blissful.


When Leah entered into the bedroom after her bath, wrapped up in her soft cotton robe, I’m sure she thought she was going to go right back to sleep…but I had other plans. Seeing the stress she had experienced over the last few days meant one thing and one thing only; my girl needs a massage. “Baby come lay down, I have something else for you.” She didn’t oblige like she had done earlier and plopped down on the bed next to me, ready for what was following. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

I went into the kitchen and found a glass bowl small enough to heat up the almond oil I know she likes from the massage therapist she sees, Cara. I called her a few days ago to make sure I bought the right one from Amazon while also fishing for some tips on how to make it a great massage for Leah until she could go back to see her full-time. Cara helped me label some of her trigger points and also gave me some tips on how to make it sensual and intimate between the two of us, which was about to take our relationship to a whole new level.

I poured the oil into the bowl and heated it in the microwave for about 30 seconds until it was warm enough to go on her body. When I returned to our room, I found Leah laying on her stomach in the middle of the bed with her robe open—body pressed down onto our comforter. “You’re in the perfect position, stay right there,” I said as I slid her robe down her arms and off her body to reveal her beauty. Her deep brown skin was ready for that almond oil and I couldn’t wait to rub it all over her, especially on those two plump cheeks that were looking back at me.

I poured some of the oil into my palms and rubbed my hands together, first placing them at the top of her back and rubbing downwards in a circular motion until I reached the top of her hips. I repeated this several times, enjoying the way her skin felt underneath my hands—like butter melting on top of fresh pancakes. “Oooohhhh Lance, that feels so good,” she moaned out as I continued to press up and down her back, catching some of the trigger points Cara told me about. “Ooouuu that’s my spot,” she hummed as I played with an area between her spine and right shoulder blade, moving my thumb up and down with as much pressure as I could give. I could tell I was hitting it right for her by the way her breathing became heavier and her lip turned up on one side.

“You like that?”
“No. I love it Lance.”

Once I felt that I had her relaxed, I poured more oil and got ready for my favorite part. Scooting backwards on my knees allowed me to straddle across the rear of her calves. Once I was settled, I gripped her ass cheeks with both of my hands and started massaging them deep tissue style. I rubbed in circles moving back and forth…evenly focusing on each of her hips. Her heavy breathing transitioned into light moans. “Laaaannnnccceeeee baby, this feels amazing.”

As I continued rubbing on her hips with the oil, I felt my dick rising up through my sweats. It didn’t take much for me to be turned on by Leah, but I was really trying to hold back because I knew she was tired and probably not in the mood for sex tonight. Still, my dick got firmer by the minute, especially when I moved down to her thighs and saw her squirming whenever my hands got closer to her warmth.

When I realized I couldn’t take it anymore from this angle, I asked her to flip over so I could rub the front side of her down. I started under her chin and moved down her neck—planting kisses as I went. She kissed me back on my cheeks, nose, and forehead while I continued to move down. Her lips were the softest I’d ever felt and tasted like the sweet, sugar crystals in her facial wash. I grabbed the oil from the nightstand beside me and poured the remaining amount right onto her body, watching it drip across her petite breasts and down her stomach into her navel. She looked up at me with deep brown, bedroom eyes…making it harder for me to focus on the massage. I softly rubbed the oil around her breasts and nipples…tracing circles around her areola. Then down her stomach, below her navel.

When I got closer to her southern set of lips, she flinched for a moment then relaxed, letting me know that I was welcome to her. With that notion I spread her legs wide and bent her knees on each side of her chest, opening her up for me to see exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t expecting her to be so wet, her stickiness floating like a web when I separated her legs. My dick felt like a rock looking at her wet pussy in front of me, but I held back because I didn’t want to make her more tired than she already was. That didn’t mean I couldn’t help her relax some more, though.

With my hands underneath the back of both her knees, I leaned my head down into her wetness—meeting my lips with hers…planting soft kisses on her pussy. She moaned out my name as I laid my tongue flat against every inch of her, moving up and down unhurriedly, taking my time with it. Almost as if I was licking a popsicle. My tongue felt good to her and she shifted underneath me a few times just to let me know how good, eventually gripping the back of my head with both of her hands and pushing me even deeper. I let my tongue slip inside of her walls, causing her to exchange deep inhales and exhales for each moment of pleasure.

Once I could tell she wanted more, I glided one of my fingers into the mix and started sliding in and out of her gently at first and then picked up my speed as I felt her becoming wetter around me. While fingering her warmth and wetness, I centered my tongue in on her clit—turning her soft gasps into miniature screams as she enjoyed me pleasuring her. “Fuuuckkkk Lance, you’re going to make me cum!”

When she said that, I sped up on her clit with my tongue, whipping it in and out of my mouth so fast that her body started to shudder. I added another finger and moved from thrusting it in and out to making a “come here” motion…tickling her cervix. With both knees and legs still in the air, her hips began bouncing up and down and I could tell she was about to cave in underneath me. “Babe I feel like I’m gonna peeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” she yelled out as I continued with my speed. I knew she wasn’t going to pee because she had done this before, and it wasn’t that. She was about to squirt, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself if she did. I loved that shit so much and wanted her to squirt all over my face and in my mouth.

I felt her body start jerking and knew that warm liquid would hit me in a few seconds. I sucked on her clit some and as soon as I went back to licking it, she began squirting all over my face and into my mouth, cum running out of her pussy at the same time. “Fuckkkk Leah!” I shouted, knowing my dick was the hardest it had been in a minute.

I watched her lay there after letting out all she had, looking so limp and tired—yet, so beautiful and peaceful. I really didn’t want to do this to her…I didn’t…but I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted my wife and needed to feel her love around me. Pulling my sweatpants down, I revealed my dick to her, and she briefly looked up to see what I was doing. When she saw me…all of me… she leaned her head back onto the bed and closed her eyes, knowing she couldn’t stop what was coming.

With her soft legs over my shoulders and feet in my hands, I slid down inside of her. We both moaned in unison and she let me love her down. Stroking, pounding, caressing. Tugging her locs during back shots…licking on her neck while I hit it from the side, then back to missionary again. Her feet aiming for the headboard secured my deepness. My girth made her scream until she began to become hoarse. Pools of sweat covered us while our cream became a membrane binding us together. My lover. My wife. Mine forever.

I made love to Leah from 11pm until we didn’t have any more cum left that night. At least she was off tomorrow.