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Artists, Assets, And the Reason our Artist aren’t broke

Its funny my mother used to say she was a “starving artist” and today women who approach me assume when I say I’m an actor that I’m in a mid life crisis, struggling, or even has a stigma. The difference between my moms version of being “a starving artist” in today’s world the hustles evolved. If your acquired by Divine One, you understand that you’ll never be broke again, or starving and You’ll work, by doing whatever you’re looking for as with Divine One you’ll look at our investment portfolios in you and

Photo Of Founder and CEO of Divine-One, Jason Miller

Divine-One Creative Holdings

A Proud, Help God Compaines Inc. Company

We’re producing some great things and so fast, that our website needed some construction. If you’re wanting to be part of One Time In San Francisco, the love story; talent is casting right now but by referral only. So, if you found us you must be halfway done with becoming part of our team so talented and so crazy we’re chasing an Emmy! So, shoot us an email at the link below. It will be a while our website is under construction for, but if you use the link below we’ll email you with a form so you can schedule a Zoom Audition!

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