Divine Diane Dion

21 years old
Genderfluid (they/she)
Life path 4

Div has been reading tarot since the spring of 2017. They have completed over 100 tarot readings in person & virtually for friends, family and strangers. In the fall of 2020, Div completed three psychic healing courses on self-healing, energy awareness, healing others and manifestation. Meditation, tarot, using herbs, yoga, poetry, hiking, singing & traveling are among their favorite hobbies. Divinity by Dion was created by Div in Feb of 2020 to share their tarot services to those at any distance, in hopes of assisting people who wish to heal their inner child, and gain access to their own psychic abilities.

Tarot Services

Variations of psychic readings available for booking.

Services available upon scheduling. All readings are live exchanges via FaceTime or Zoom with the exception of the Month Ahead Prediction.

Energy Readings - Love/Career/Health etc.

3 Cards - 20 mins - $15
4 Cards - 30 mins - $25
6 Cards - 45 mins - $35
10 Cards - 1 hour - $55

Spiritual Guidance + Healing
Divine Guidance - 8 cards - 45 mins - $45
Your Soul Purpose - 10 cards - 1 hour - $65

Month Ahead Tarot Prediction available via PDF.
$65 - 22 Cards - Delivered via email


How to Book a Reading

You do not need to have a specific question in order to receive a reading. General readings can provide guidance on anything, and leave room for your guides to provide messages that you need at the front of the line. Live tarot readings are exceptional when it comes to accessing your energy via cards & provide much more detail behind the energy that is transmuted.

Step by step
• open the square site link
• choose the reading you’d like to receive
• select the date/time of the video call
• note facetime/zoom preference
• book appointment

How does payment work?
An invoice will be sent to you 24 hours prior to your appointment. Payment must be received *before* the time of your scheduled reading.

Please cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours before your reading. Since payment is not taken until the invoice is sent, a refund will not be necessary in order to cancel. There is no fee to cancel or reschedule.


Book a Reading

Schedule a psychic session via Square!

Div’s Herb Shelf

Custom tea blends coming soon!

Red Raspberry Leaf
Angelica Root
Lemon Balm
St. John’s Wort


Mugwort - Base
Medicinal: Stimulates appetite and digestion, regulates menstruation, relieves joint pain. Psychotropic, mild sedative, moderate hallucinogenic, and aphrodisiac.
Magickal: Aids in astral projection, clairvoyance, consecration, divination, dreams, healing, longevity, magick, to prevent theft, psychic development and growth, strength and rest.
*Avoid if you are pregnant or nursing.
**Some people are allergic to mugwort. Use with caution.

Mullein - Base
Medicinal: treats asthma, bleeding bowels, bronchial issues.
Magickal: Induces courage, protection, good health and love divination.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Base
Medicinal: Best used as a tobacco alternative, tones and tightens tissue, soothes menstrual cramps.
Magickal: relaxes the mind, restores energy, fertility.

Damiana - Base/Supplement
Medicinal: Tones and calms nerves, antispasmodic, regulates painful menstruation, relieves headaches, anxiety, mild to moderate depression and insomnia. Alleviating asthma attacks, effective diuretic and laxative, used as an aphrodisiac and to increase sexual performance.
Magickal: Contact other planes, increases the power of spells, love, lust, psychic development and growth, sensuality and visions.

Lavender - Supplement/Flavor
Medicinal: Relieves anxiety, reduces aches and pain in the body, can also reduce gut discomfort and headaches.
Magickal: Relaxes and opens consciousness during meditation, used for protection before a spell or ritual.

Chamomile - Supplement
Medicinal: Antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, antiseptic, works as an antibacterial against strep throat. Sometimes used as a cleanser for individuals who wish to detox from long periods of drug use. Mild sedative used to treat nightmares and restlessness.
Magickal: Money, sleep, love, purification, beauty, determination, dreams, gentleness, good luck, harmony, material objects, meditation, modesty and tranquility.

Rose - Flavor
Medicinal: Anti-depressant, antispasmodic, aromatic, astringent, sedative, skin tonic, uterine tonic, natural source of Vitamin C, cleanses toxins from the body, lifts mood, increases sexual desire, supports healthy liver function and soothes nerves.
Magickal: Aphrodisiac, beauty, clairvoyance, compassion, consecration, contacting other planes, divination, good luck, harmony, healing, to keep secrets, longevity, love divination, magic, memory, peace of mind, protection, psychic powers, retention, tranquility, and transformation.

Peppermint - Supplement/Flavor
Medicinal: Antispasmodic, aromatic, diaphoretic, analgesic. Relieves tension in the digestive system, nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, and ulcerative colitis. Also good for Crohn’s disease. Use for tension, anxiety and hysteria - as well as migraines and headaches. Sometimes used as an aphrodisiac.
Magickal: Animals, consecration, dreams, endings, good luck, happiness, healing, love, material objects, money, prosperity, protection, psychic development and growth, purification, release, renewal, rest, sleep, transformation, wealth.
*Avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding*

Rosemary - Supplement
Medicinal: Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic, boosts memory, improves mood, reduces inflammation, relieves pain, protects the immune system, stimulates circulation and can be used as a detox. Protects from premature aging and heals the skin. Used as an aphrodisiac.
Magickal: Gain confidence, consecration, courage, endings, fidelity, good luck, happiness, honesty, inspiration, knowledge, longevity, love, meditation, memory, peace of mind, to prevent theft, protection, psychic development, strength, water rites, transformation, wisdom.

Hyssop - Supplement
Medicinal: Adaptogens, antispasmodic, aromatic, cordial, diuretic, nervine sedative, antiviral, treats respiratory infections, high and low blood pressure.
Magickal: Consecration, contacting other planes, material objects, money, prosperity, protection, psychic development & growth, protection and wealth.

Lemon Balm - Supplement
Medicinal: Antihistamine, antidepressant, antibacterial, antiviral, eases spasms, aromatic, stimulates digestion, treats allergies and asthma. Enables prevention of and the ability to overcome anxiety, depression, nervous disorders and nervous exhaustion.
Magickal: To brighten disposition, compassion, psychic development and growth, endings, gentleness, happiness, longevity, love and release.

St. John’s Wort - Supplement
Medicinal: exceptional immune system protection, antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial. Can treat mild/moderate depression, and stimulate sleeping patterns.
Magickal: used to banish harmful energy and protect from hexes & curses, prevents sickness, enhances courage and divination spells.

Herbal Bath Salt

To cleanse the body, mind & soul

Method of Magick

How Your Cards Will Be Read

Most tarot readers use the entire 78 card deck, which contains 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards consisting of four suits. Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles. This is also how I began reading tarot.

Over the last few months I’ve started reading cards using only the major arcana. This has enabled me into accessing messages for clients that are more meaningful and in tune with their spiritual guides. The messages received from major arcana cards are profound and have significant meaning in one’s life.

At the start of the video call, you will be asked to choose one or more crystals that you feel called to. These crystals will then be placed on top of the deck for a short period of time to draw in your energy. The cards are then shuffled until the requested number are drawn & the reading begins.

There is some extra time allotted for each reading in case you have any questions or comments about the cards that were pulled. You are more than welcome to & encouraged to be open about anything you feel called to share!

So listen,,, um.

I started a YouTube channel

Somewhere to share the things I like to talk about. Tarot and other spiritual sh*t basically. Spewing what’s stuck in my mind into the void or whateva.

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A Divine Welcome

Tarot Topic: Healing Trauma