Here is all about me and my fanpage

By dixiexpizza233

Hi my name is Alyssa you may know me as dixiexpizza233 im 11 years old my birthday is June 26 i been a fanpage since October. So here is the fonts i mostly use Love Winkle-regular and Shorelines script blod. And here is a coloring tutorial so first what you wanna do is pick your video then go to colortone the color you wanna pick is Avalon then go to prequel put the video
Go to adjusts go to exposure and put -24 now go to contrast -9 then go to sharpen and put 4 saturation and put 3 and highlights and put 6 and thats it i hope you have a good day.😁

About me and other stuff

By benjialyssa233backup

Hi this is Alyssa there well be coloring tutorials and font packs and about me!
So here is a coloring tutorial so first ur gonna open the app prequel and go to the + at the bottom and put ur video then what ur gonna do is go to adjust and go to sharpen and put 25 and go to blur and put 25 and then export that then go to filters and the filter is teal and put that at 50 and then go to effects and put stardust and put to 0 and export that and go to Instagram and put the filter etereal and export that and thats it for coloring tutorial now font pack here are some fonts Love,kind heart,kgredhands,happy school,Oliver regular and now about me Hi im Alyssa im 11 im about to be 12 in june 26 thats it for now bye!