Story of D.Jewelry Garden

Light luxury jewelry collection

Jewelry is not just about expensive and luxury.It is an attitude of life as well.

We created this “D.Jewelry Garden”brand to give more options to whom wants fine jewelries with new style and easy to fit daily lives.

We collect light luxury jewelries worldwide and cooperate with many independent jewelry designers of London, New york, Hongkong, Singapore and mainland of China etc.

These designers all have free mind to creat their own special fancy pieces which means we could get something different or something fun.

Qulity is very important.To be affordable is also very Important.To combine the two,we choose matrials like 14k/18k gold-filled, high quality Titanium real gold plated ,or pure 925silver to guarantee the color remains for a longer time.

Wearing our jewelries,you can match your outfits as well as doing every day activities such as shower ,go to bed,dating without worry of tarnish or hypoallergenic.

We hope everyone could have fun to find out thoese unique pieces only belong to you and enjoy creating your own jewelry style in our D.Jewelry Garden.

Love you all.

Story of

Quality & Affordable

Tarnish resistant& Safe to sensitive skin

Most of our jewelries are made in 14k gold-filled(titanium or yellow metal mixed with 14k/18k gold).So our pieces are tarnish resistant(means not easy to become black) and hypoallergenic(means safe for sensitive skin).
Parts of our jewelries especially earrings are made in pure 925 silver.So It’s nomal to become blace coz of oxidation after a while.Using silver cloth to wipe is very good way to remove the blace from the surface of jewelry.
Our major commodities are 14k/18k gold filled or plated with freshwater pearls.These pearls are natural so that every piece of pearl is also means no one can be perfect.If you mind of it,then try not choose this type of jewelry.We suggest to select our gold or gold with cubic zirconia pieces.