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Hey there, I’m Darlene. Wife to a rockstar husband. Mom to an amazing girl and an awesome boy. I am always chasing light and peace. Doing my best to serve my purpose in this world while putting all the good I can into it. Writing is my therapy. I share our stories and what gives me peace on my blog. Link is below 👇🏼

Just A Few Things

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Young Living Essential Oils

Our family has been striving for true overall wellness for many years. My search started many years ago, the first time I heard of and tried essential oils. I started using them regularly back then to make our cleaning products. Almost three years ago I discovered YL essential oils. The quality was unlike other oils and I really loved their seed to seal promise. It is a set of standards that ensures the products meet strict specifications. The products are created with conscientious Sourcing, Science, and Standards - the three pillars of Seed To Seal. They use processes that protect our planet and that is something we value greatly.

Now we use oils to help support us in so many other parts of our lives, not just in our cleaning products. They have a variety of benefits and promote emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that has been life-changing. I look forward to our monthly wellness box and all the free products we get by being part of essential rewards.

Thrive Market

I love Thrive Market because the foods are made of real ingredients, safe for the environment, fairly priced, created for your needs, and delicious. It is in line with everything we believe in as a family. I can shop brand name and Thrive Market products that are organic and full of all the good stuff. The same standards should apply to the products we put on our bodies and in our homes: nontoxic, eco-friendly, affordable, and effective. Plus I love how Thrive Market helps others and matches every paid membership with a free one for someone in need.


Now that there are two girls in our home needing all the products that I use and love, I wanted to find a razor and shaving products that could become part of our clean collection of favorites. Cue my Billie introduction by a friend. They have a super long list of no’s when it comes to all the chemicals and junk they don’t allow in their products and that’s something I can get behind. Plus now by using Billie, we’re also helping to put an end to the Pink tax on razors for women. Just by sharing, you can get a pink tax rebate to spend on Billie products. Now that’s pretty sweet!


There isn’t a mandated transparency around what feminine care products are made of. The laws don’t require companies to tell you what’s in your products. Cora thinks it’s important to be transparent. They are certified organic and don’t use conventional cotton which is farmed using synthetic pesticides. Their products are ethically sourced and they are manufactured in the U.S. Not only are they working to reduce the global footprint, but they also give pads and health education to girls in the U.S. and in developing nations with every purchase. Millions of girls around the world miss school during their periods because they can’t afford pads. 25 million women in the U.S. alone live below the poverty line without consistent access to period products and 38 states still tax tampons and other menstrual products as non-essentials. They are also a certified B corporation which is difficult to obtain and requires rigorous standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. Much like other companies that are a favorite of our family, they are using the power of their business for good. Cora is empowering women all over the world and that’s something wonderful to support!

Layla Sleep

This is our favorite bed in a bag. We purchased two recently for our kids and admittedly are constantly laying on them because they are the most comfortable mattresses.

The Layla mattress is not just a memory foam bed. It has a soft side and a firm side, so you can try out what you like before you commit to the side for you.

One of the best things about Layla is they run specials that when you buy a mattress it includes two pillows. I fell in love with the pillows and stole them from my kids for weeks, until I finally got my own king size cloud of heaven. We also have the best weighted blankets from them. It’s particularly helpful for our autistic daughter and sleep.

Try it for a few nights and if you don’t love it, they’ll give you a refund!