Small town mama living out a big time dream!

Hey y’all 💕I’m Brittany, the face behind the logo.

We have a ton of new members from all over and I wanted to introduce myself and tell a little of our story.

•I’ve lived in Sweetwater my whole life, I love the small town vibes it gives and knowing everyone where ever I go.

•I’m a Mama to 3 Demarian, marayah and Kailani and married to my best friend Jamie. Before him life was a little rough. I was a single mama working as a waitress just trying to make it! I worked at a small little hometown restaurant in town where I won best waitress 2 years running, I met my now husband arguing on Facebook over the Kentucky VS Tennessee game in 2016 🍊. We’ve been inseparable ever since 💕.

Since then our family has grew by 2 little feet. Kailani Reid made her grand entrance on 9/11/19 the same time the first plane hit the first tower. She completed us 🥰

After my maternity leave was almost up I had the insane crazy idea to start this little side hustle. I ran it by my husband and he was 100% all for it, which I knew he would be. I received my machine, press and materials and started working. I was HORRIBLE 🤣 but I studied and pushed myself and started making mulah! I kept pushing myself from vinyl, to sublimation, now to screen prints and tumblers.

I NEVER in a million years thought I would be where I’m at. I’ve made people items as far as Mexico, Canada and Australia! I absolutely love making something come to life in front of my eyes.

The DMK in the name is for my children. They are the main reason I do what I do. When they tell me I’m the best at what I do, and they’re proud of me it means the world.

I love all of you, and thank you for visiting DMK Apparel! 💕💕

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