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Hi guys!! wanna learn more about me?

Here's the history of why i love cooking

My name is dmosselle. Feel free to call me Mossel!! i started cooking when i studied abroad to Taiwan, i lived alone for 4 years in my cute lil appartment. One day, during bio class, our teacher showed us a video about salmon then suddenly... out of nowhere, i began interested in cooking salmon because i was craving for it (i know this is ridiculous but this was what i felt hihi) and even went to supermarket immidately to get a slice of salmon.. but back then, i only knew how to peel a garlic so it was super challenging!! but after that moment, everytime i had a friend coming over, i'd always cook something for them and i realized... everytime people eat my food and say that it tastes good... i'll be super happy and want to explore more!! then i started my kitchen journey and now here i am, with u guys, on TikTok... sharing what i like to eat and trying my best to cook ur fave food!! So please, feel free to tell me ur fave food and i'll try my best to make it for u!! Enjoy my vids!! Love Y'all!! ❤️