For: Lea <3

Your birthday present!

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pic of charli! —

ask if you want more and I will send you more!! :)

Hey Lea <3 I just wanted to let you know that I love you so much and u were always there for me when I needed you! Ur the best and I wish I could meet you one day and become real life besties! I hope u have a wonderful birthday without me bish ✋🏽🙄

Love you soooo much

birthday letter!

Happy birthday Lea <3

hey lea! I’m not finished telling you how much I’m so grateful for you! So here we go. We met a not long time ago but it feels like I have known you my whole life :) and when I would be sad all I have to do is text you or just think about you and it puts me in a good mood again! there’s so many things why I love you but it would take forever to write and I’m writing this right now because I am really busy with school I have now two exams to study along with some homework that I should be doing right now but I’m instead writing this letter because your much more important then my homework! But ILYSM and have a really nice birthday with your family and I wish your vorher an really late birthday cause I forgot to wish him a happy birthday! bye Lea <3 talk to you later