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Danaya Marie Victorino

And if all else fails, what shall remain? Or rather, who will remain? 

Have you ever wondered that when you reach your weakest and most vulnerable point, who is by your side? Who sticks to you high and lows, for richer and for poorer? This may sound cliche but aren't we all finding someone who will stay by our side even though we have nothing to give? May it be a romantic or a plain friendship. We are all finding a person who will cry for us when tears fail to run out of our eyes. To find someone who will get angry when all the hatred inside us suddenly perishes. Yearning to find that person, we set out for a journey. A journey that's supposed to make us find a home. A home that makes you feel like you belong, that you are at peace. Because, when things go south, who do you run to? We all need a person who will stay by our side. And if we are lucky, then maybe, just maybe, along this journey, we will find a person who we can run to when the universe failed us. 

If all else fails, who will remain? 

A question that has been bugging everyone, including me, whenever we reach the peak of our lives. Because, don't we ever want to know or get to know a person who will be our anchor? The one who will keep us sane despite all difficulties. The one who will help us determine all the underlying factors behind our actions. And maybe, the one who will forever understand us despite our facades. The most ever understanding person that'll not be disappointed even if we show them our obscure sides. Not all people are perfect, we make mistakes, we say things that we wish we haven't. We all do things when something is too much for us to bear. And we do that not because we want to but because we have no choice. We are sometimes blinded with anger. Thus, It's just a matter whether the person beside us decides to stay even if shown the painful reality we are always trying to hide.

Reality has been so cruel to several of us. We are all trying and having a tough time to hold on and survive. In a world where giving up is easier, look at your surroundings. Ask yourself, if all I disappear, what will remain? And, if you aren't able to answer the question, then maybe it's not yet the time to give up. Maybe, the universe is trying to give you a hint that you should try again one more time. And this time, try again with someone. Someone who will never abandon you. Who will cry for you. Who will clap and celebrate with you. And, the most important is, find someone who you want to share your whole self with. Find your person.

In a world full of temporary, find your constant.

Again, ask yourself, if all else fails, who will remain? When you have finally answered the question, then you already found your person. Never let go.

♡♡♡ —

Danaya Marie Victorino

People always come and go and it's a fact. You will meet several people in your life but not all of them will stay, many of them will be a lesson learned, others will help you grow, some will give you memories to cherish forever and few of them will stay. But the most painful experience is growing apart with a friend, it is more painful than a break up. It's like losing a family. Friends are like your extended family and the good thing about it is you choose who you want to form a bond with, it's up to you to pick and form a friendship with someone you think will not only support you but also help you through dark times. Losing a bond with someone whom you almost shared your whole life with, your dreams, accomplishments, and many more great milestones you have achieved, you experienced it together and if suddenly he or she is gone there will be a void in your hearts that can not be filled. Because as you grow older you lose and outgrow friendships  since if you are not losing any friends then it means that you are not growing, despite that fact it is still difficult to just lose the person who you thought you would spend your whole lifetime with, the person you thought who will be your anchor when everything feels so heavy and you wanted to give up, the person who will give you the motivation and will light your life only friends can do that, that is why when you lose them because of some reasons you were so immature to understand , the bond you created suddenly feels like a distant memory and the feeling of wanting it back feels so enraged. Losing connection to the people you once shared laughter with, you once bared your soul with is the most painful feeling. But, if the reason why you outgrew each other because of the toxicity of your friendship then maybe it is not worth rebuilding because when your friendship suddenly make you feel you are at a cage and you are not allowed to grow then maybe, just maybe, it is for the better that you cut off each other. Still, it is not wrong to grieve for the bond you lost since you don't just grieve when someone died you also grieve when someone important to you became a stranger with full of shared memories, full of shared dreams you both failed to accomplish, grieving doesn't mean you want to take it back it just means that, that something or someone mattered so much to the point it leaves a void in your heart when they are gone. Again, lost bonds are the most painful thing to experience since you don't just lose the person you also lose the probability of seeing them grow beside you.

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