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Clinically effective nutraceuticals for hair growth and hair wellness. Shown to improve hair growth with visibly more thickness and strength in 3-6 months of consistent daily use.1-2

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A little about Dr. G!!

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Bonnie Gasquet-Johnson, Medical Doctor.

I am an internal medicine physician with a focus in anti-aging and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement and the like.

We are all human, we are all aging! I am that physician who is interested in preventing illness, aging gracefully, and promoting “living while you are alive”! Menopause, peri-menopause and andropause do NOT have to halt us!

I’ve built 2 of my own private offices, partnered in another, am the primary doc for 2 male hormone replacement clinics - AND am building my 3rd private office (in the USVI !)

I am more than a traditional doc, I am a very forward thinking medical provider- I call in all the help we would need for personalized medicine- and I have a big bag of tricks for helping the toughest of chronic illnesses!

In addition to BHRT and Internal medicine, I do offer IV infusions, vitamin replacement and non invasive aesthetic procedures.

Peptide Therapy!

Is peptide therapy for you !?

Peptide therapy is an amazing option when it comes to:
aging gracefully,
wound healing, tendon healing
muscle growth, fat loss,
wrinkle reduction,
Immune protection,

literally the mini fountain of youth!!

Existing Clients! Refill Request!?

Refill request!?

Sometimes your schedule is off - sometimes you may need to request an early refill (not for controlled substances). Put yourself in the calendar and we will process the request and/or call you for confirmation and updates.