Dog Washing and Training —

I am a new business owner and would like to build a career.All of the profits will go to evolving the business

Hello I am Jaycie, I am starting a small business as washing and training dogs in the summer.It is good for me and for you.

I can wash and train your dog(s).It will be 15$ for washing a dog and 15$ for training the dog(s).I have 2 dogs of my own and love the animal in general.I would be happy to wash or train your dog(s).I take all breeds and sizes of dogs.

If your dog(s) have allergies I would suggest that you provide training treats.The treats I suggest will be linked with what the dogs will learn.I can provide the shampoo or you can.

Training: Level 1

The dog will be taught numerous things.If the dog is a puppy then they will be taught things like sit, stay, shake and more.

Training: Level 2
Once the dog has learned the following they will be moved up to the next level.This means that they will learn more complicated things like watch,my side and more.Watch means that they will come between your legs and sit until you reward them.My side means that they will walk by your side no matter where you go.

Training:Level 3
This is the last and final level.On this level the dog will be taught anything that you would like.This can be anything from smile to getting you a drink.This is the class where you are the boss and I will help.

Training overall:
Each level will be 15$.All you have to do is call this number and schedule an appointment.480-584-8139 if the number is unavailable then call 623-512-1166.

If your dog has any allergies then please notify me and tell me if you would like me to provide training treats.If not then you can pick training treats from this selection.

There will be no other dogs or animals around when training the dog(s).If your dog has any aggression towards other dogs or animals I need to know.This is just for safety.

Treats!: These are Tricky Trainers dog treats I used these for my dogs and they worked wonders!There are 3 flavors to choose from.


You have the option to have the dog bathed at my house or the dog bathed at your house.My dogs will be put away and not in the way of my work.

You can drop off the dog or I can go to your house.I can provide the dog shampoo or you can.Make sure that you tell me that.If the dog has long hair then I will blow dry it,for my safety I will need to know if there is any aggression towards the blow-dryer.

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