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I am fab 👋🏻.

I am an ICF certified life coach which pretty much means I did a year long intensive training program that taught me a ton of tools on why and how humans think, act and hold themselves back....getting certified changed my life because every tool I learned, I applied to my own life. some worked, some didn’t. the ones that did work though... really worked...and I made it my mission to make sure more people could also have these tools at their finger tips.

So @dolifework. I coach anyone who is ready and eager to “do the work” on themselves. Usually people know the feeling they want to shift out of but they don’t know HOW. That’s where I come in. I help you figure out how to do it and hold you accountable to making it happen.
When I am not coaching, I am either walking charlie - my golden pal, frolicking with my husband, friends and family or doing some sort of workout.
I like change, but then when the change comes, I am like...wait why am I doing this? And then I remember and am happy I did it....and then...I question it probably 6 more times, each one with varying moods/feelings and then eventually I settle into it, accept it, enjoy it and get comfortable and then....think hmmm I should change something up and on the cycle goes....Anyone else?
I am the planner in my group of friends.
I am very bad at resting and standing still.
and I loveeeeee fun and enjoyment cause that’s what life is all about.
I think that’s it!

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