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Hi there, I’m Dominique

I’m just your average 26 year old educator turned Air Force wife, expecting mama, online ESL teacher, and Beautycounter consultant....

Ok, that’s a mouthful... but honestly all those titles play a huge role in who I am today!

In a years time I married my sole mate, quit my full-time job, moved across the country, and found out we were expecting our little boy! What should have been the most exciting time of our lives turned out to be very confusing for me. With news of my pregnancy came news of the pandemic and I knew I couldn’t return back to work in a B&M school. So what is a mama to do? Change with the times!

When I graduated college never did I think I would be teaching students via internet, but hey, here we are! I became a VIPKID teacher and I absolutely love it! Becoming and ESL teacher to Chinese students has been more fun and fulfilling than I imagined possible! Plus I get to do it from the comfort of my own home- score!

However, my role as an educator took a different turn when I found out I was pregnant. Did you know that when you’re expecting you’re recommended to change out your skin products? Do you know why? There are more then 80,000 different chemicals on the market today, many of which don’t have ANY safety data... gross! Then I found Beautycounter and have completely changed my opinion on skincare. Whether it’s a new skincare regimen, make up, or sunscreen Beautycounter has a safe switch for you. Now I want to educate others on the benefits of #BetterBeauty and what that means to you!

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