I’m Coco ✨ owner of DoMoreWithCoco Virtual Solutions

About DMWC

DoMoreWithCoco (DMWC) provides solutions for small business owners, to offload tasks in order to efficiently operate and grow their business.

“...ok …but what does THAT mean?” 🤔

I handle the “stuff” CEOs and small business owners ABSOLUTELY dread, like managing emails, social media, online orders, etc.

“so… then… you manage social media?”

😂 I understand that the work I do can be confusing. Put simply, I help business owners get things done. I juggle different tasks, from social media content creation to order fulfillment, dependent on client needs. For those in my local area, I can help ship products and deliver goods. And if you need something else, I could probably do that for you, too. TBD.

“Ohhh ok, so, you’re, like, a personal assistant.”

Kinda! On the plus side, the time that I spend on your business becomes time that you can use to do whatever you want. You can work, relax, start other projects, tend to other parts of your business…. or just do nothing at all. 😭 Haha.. it’s really up to you. In the meantime, I will do what I can to provide the best service and complete your tasks as if your business were my own.

“Wow! How can we start working together?”

Click the link in my IG bio @domorewithcoco or click the link at the bottom of this card to start the consultation process - I can’t wait to see what we can do together! ✨

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DoMoreWithCoco Virtual Solutions

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