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The Products


Jamu Tun Teja | RM88

•Jamu Tun Teja (15 Sachets x 1 Box)
•Anti aging
•Improves skin complexion
•Kickstarts metabolisme and detox
•Energy booster
•Fat burning and weight loss
•Promotes fertility
•Regulates menstrual cycle
•Resolves intimate problems
•Ease joints and muscles pain
•Milk booster

✔️ KKM approved: MAL18026060T
✔️ Halal Ref: JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/ 1 101-10/2018
✔️ Lab Test


1. Memberi Tenaga Tambahan Untuk Lelaki / Boosting Men’s Energy
2. Mengurangkan Bintik Hitam Dan Putih Di Muka / Reduce Blackhead and Whitehead
3. Mengurangkan Kesan Gelap Akibat Sinaran Matahari Pada Kulit / Reduce Sunburn on Skin
4. Membantu Perlancaran Usus yang Sihat / Aids Healthy Bowel Movements

Feminine Herbal Wash - 2 Sizes RM48 - 150ml | RM68 - 250ml

1) Maintaining the pH balance of the intimate area to keep it fresh and healthy.
2) Giving tranquility to the muscle around vagina.
3) Eliminating vaginal discharge bacteria.
4) Improving the elasticity of vagina after birth.
5) Preventing an unpleasant smell
6) Giving a cold sensation.

What is the difference compared to another feminine wash products?

1) Among 1st in Malaysia using rare essential oils in feminine hygiene product.
2) Easy to use because its ready to use.
3) Fresh and natural essential oils.
4) Natural smell (no fragrance).
5) Suitable for early pregnancy and confinement period.
6) Content antibacterial (for heavy flow white discharge).
7) Not much foam (natural – no chemical added).
8) Suitable for postpartum.
9) Suitable when having period.

✔️ KKM approved: NOT180706619K
✔️ Halal Ref: JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/ 1 101-10/2018
✔️ Lab Test

Ginseng Herbal Soap | RM58 - 150g

• Skin’s Energy Booster - Improve circulation of skin, giving an elusive glow, fresh, healthy and energized.

• Antioxidant and Stimulant - Brightening dull skin, moisturize dry skin.

• Anti-Inflammatory - Reduce tired skin, depuff under-eye skin and dark circle.

• Anti Ageing - Fight premature aging skin, help to nurture youthful skin.

• Treat - Help to treat problematic skin.

✔️ KKM approved: NOT180705999K

MEKAR (Breast Firming Herbal Cream) | RM78 - 100g

The best product to care and maintain our precious breasts and buttocks is by using MEKAR.

MEKAR is a concentrated and powerful gel cream to treat our breasts and buttocks. 

• Maintains and improves the firmness of women's assets.
• It improves the skin's elasticity
• Reduces visibility of stretch marks. • Can be used for Mommies who are breastfeeding.

Made from natural herbs and ingredients, MEKAR is proven safe to use by KKM.

✔️ KKM approved: NOT190306359K
✔️ Lab Test

RATU Hair Series | RM138

RATU Hair Shampoo
11 Oriental Herbs specially formulated to gentle cleanse your hair while providing your scalp with nourishment from Super Ingredients. Its has a uniqe combination of active ingredients to help control of hair fall and strenghten of hair follicle. It cleanse without stripping the hair of its natural oil. It also keep hair mpisturized and leaves your scalp clean and healthy.

✔️ KKM approved: NOT200702596K

RATU Hair Conditioner
is specialty concentrated formulation with on advanced blend of protein and hydrating agents. It will give you noticeable smooth,control of hair fall and manageble hair. A sulfate-free cleansing conditioner that lifts away dirt and impurities from the hair,while rehydrating,nourishing and detangling hair.

✔️ KKM approved: NOT2002702597K

SUTERA Beauty - Therapy | RM48


HERBAL LIP SERUM is 2 in 1 product with a slightly blush of color - volumizing and hydrating formulation, enriched with Organic Mustard Sprout to plump your lips instantly with a slight tingle. Lips will look visibly fuller looking! The 6 Nourishing Essential Oils seal in hydration for hours, making your lips feel quenched while providing glossy dewy look.

👄 Enchance shape and
color of the lips.
👄 Hydrate and gives fuller
looks to lips.
👄 Heal dry & flacky lips.
👄 Remove dead skin cells
on lips.

✔️ KKM Approved: NOT190800182K

HERBAL LIP GLASS awaken a healthy glow lips with Cashmere Silky texture, giving a natural, true-skin finish for the ultimate "No-Makeup" Make-up look, infused wirh the skin-loving essence of Essential Oils, combines with raw mineral color pigments, resulting in an exotic formula that is visibly hydrating and perfect fresh and natural color on your lips.

👄 Moisturise lips
👄 Anti-aging
👄 Soften Lips
👄 Relieve sensitive lips
👄 Lighten up dark lips

✔️ KKM Approved: NOT190800182K

LAUT Spa Series

KKM Approved ✔️

NOT201007668K (Ginseng Herbal Body Wash)
NOT201007685K (Ginseng Herbal Body Scrub)
NOT201007686K (Ginseng Herbal Regenerating Cleanser)

Local brand run by local gerai


High-waisted Shapewear • Black

Recommended for your daily casual wear. Use it as your inner and to boost your confidence. Black also illustrates well for more better shape.

High-waisted Shapewear • Skin

Recommended for anyone who have special occasion that requires to use bright color dress / blouse / skirt. This is for you! For your big event, to cover a few inches of your belly and to have the effect of butt-lifting. Yes please!