Meet Me

Hello I’m Patrice Donnēll

I am a lover of all things Interior Design. Over time I have discovered that there are gaps between people who love modern design but lead casual lives. These individuals want very beautiful homes but avoid designing as such because they have children or don't host nearly as much as they want or are too busy to keep their homes instagrammably-clean (my new made-up word). However, if you’re here, then I have some awesome things to help you have your cake & eat it too! 😉

Check out the pinned post on my Facebook page to read my first blog that shares a bit more about my journey, my discovery, and how I endeavor to fill the gaps between modern design and casual living.

Upgrading your small spaces

Inexpensive & Stylish Ideas for your small space!

14 Tips to Creating & Keeping a Modern Casual Home

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Trend #1 | Living

Communal space anyone? Click to read.

Trend #2 | Office

Work from home? Click to read.

Trend #3 | Outdoors

Get away without getting away! Click to read.

Space Planning

Check out the tips used by professional designers!

Tip #1 | Visualize how you use your space.

Click to find out why you should start by visualizing how you use your space.

Tip #2 | Take measurements include your existing furniture.

Peek in to see why taking measurements are important.

Tip #3 | Playour furniture layout

Find out why it’s necessary to plan your furniture layout.

Tip #4 | Install furniture and style

Read to learn about the favorite part of home design!

Bonus Tip

Hint: Marie Kondo your life.