Dores Betham

‘Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice’

I’m Dores , 28 years young Samoan teine. Born in the beautiful island of Samoa, raised in Central Auckland. Proud Mama of three beautiful children.

I have a love and passion for dance, music and make-up. I am a qualified makeup artist. I love making women feel beautiful and confident with my makeup skills, it makes me feel so happy!

For the past 3years, me and my partner have been looking into ways of getting our time back, in other words, being financially free! Being a mother, having to have a side hustle whilst my partner works a 9-5, as well as prioritising our health, bills and expenses is not the norm I want to accept. I want to have the time to experience every precious moment with my family and not to feel physically and mentally burnt out.

Honestly, I have never been soo ready to say YES in my life! Having the opportunity to invest into this online business has already lit a fire in me! Being able to visualise my dreams and believing I can make it a reality has been the quantum shift I needed to take action. I am proud to have joined the Freedom Era, not only because It has such a great business model, but due to the fact that it has various workshops and modules that guide and help you grow as an individual, entrepreneur.

Although I have no experience in network marketing as well as entrepreneurship. I am willing and ready to learn new skills and challenge myself. I love that this opportunity also gives me the chance for personal growth and doing things out of my comfort zone to really being unapologetically me!