Journalist Radio-TV Host

TOP 10 Super Model Unlimited USA Beyond Beauty Series Driven Honoree

Face of Global Change (South Atlantic region) Octobre 2020

I have two master’s degrees. One in Law and the other in Journalism. I have a happy family. I am mom to a very smart and handsome son. I am passionate about sports and psychology.

My job is my passion. I have my own project on the radio “Confessions of Immigrants” where we help and inspire people. This project is about true stories about the life of immigrants in America. About dreams and hope. About successes and failures. About life situations we face every day. We speak about typical issues faced by immigrants.

I spend a good part of my life being an example how to build a successful life with disability.
I read and write about women who have achieved great things and I make it a point to surround myself with women who are well on their way to doing so.

I am convinced that our smile, our soul and actions is our brand. People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, how you look but people will never forget how you made them feel. Master your skills, build a successful life, & inspire. I am a happy person.

Everything that I have today I built step by step. I work hard and believe that everything is possible.

Some people may see disabilities as a limitation. However, there are others who see disabilities, not as a limitation, but an opportunity. A chance to strive for more and accomplish what many only dream of. I was born physically disabled child. I always feel this social pressure, you become an outcast, only because you are disabled. It is very difficult to be disabled in Ukraine. I didn’t like how the non-disabled world automatically responded with pity. But I always believe and I always had Faith. If people with disabilities can do it, despite our difficulties, then you should stop complaining about the trivial obstacles you face and start to be happy. All my life I just try be like a normal person and explain that life is beautiful. Be grateful for life, for health & enjoy the little things. Master your skills, build a successful life, & inspire.

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Our beauty is not just about our body. Beauty attracts the eye, personality attracts the hearts.  —