Hey Sis, Let's Chat

Hey Boo!
It's ya girl Catt! I'm a registered nurse, fur mom, & ItWorks distributor with high hopes of becoming a serial entrepreneur. I love to travel, indulge in sweet treats, & binge watch docuseries on Netflix.

I'm your typical, regular smegular girl from the neighborhood, however I have a drive like no other. Here on my site, which I appreciate you visiting, will showcase "A Dose of Catt".

I have highs and lows, but I'm all about those positive vibes honey so I'm never down for too long. I enjoy being around those who see the glass half full, you know?

Anyway, I know you're probably here to get the scoop on my side hustle. I basically make money helping others by introducing them to top tier health & beauty products. How did I start? I saw this bomb chick on IG making money posting products that I myself was using. I thought to myself, "Ugh, I can do that too", and guess what - I DID!!!

BEST DECISION EVER! What I love the most though is the impact I'm making. Sis, don't be apprehensive about it - JUST JUMP! If you want more info on the opportunity or you're ready to make a move, fill out the application below. LET'S CHAT!