About doteschrls

Hey! I’m Anna, also doteschrls. This is the website that includes all the coloring on my page, some of the fonts I use, and other things! This is also a help page! (I will update daily or weekly). Anyways, scroll away! Bye! <3 - Anna

doteschrls colorings!

Coloring 1: White Berries

First your gonna go to 24FPS and import the code, “Red Flavor”, and then, you are going to go to Ultralight, and use these settings: Clarity -8 , Sharpen -10 , Emphasize 5 , Noise -10 . Last, your going to go to Prequel, and then use these settings, exposure -25, contrast 50, highlights 75, shadows -100, sharpen 25, glow 50, blur (to your liking), and then you are going to go to the filters tab and press porcelain, and set it to 90%, and there you go!

doteschrls coloring!

Coloring 2: Cherry Clouds

This one is a bit of a longer one so- yeah. Ok so first your going to go to 24FPS and import the code “take on me” then your going to save the video, then import the code “aurora” Then your going to go to Colourtone and use the filter “Marble”. Then your going to go to ultralight and use these settings: Blacks +10 , Shadows -3 , midtones -4, highlights +3, pink +10, red 3, clarity -7, sharpen +10, emphasize, +4, noise -10. Then your going to go to prequel exposure -25, contrast -25, highlights -50, shadows -100, fade -100, vibrancy -100, sharpen 50, glow 50, blur 50, Bahamas 70%, and dust 2, 25% dust 0 filter.