About me

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to view this tiny insta website of mine!
My name's Aneesh and I'm a 20 yo mechanical engineering student. I was born in HK but I'm now currently living in Bangalore.

I love design and art and I have an Instagram account dedicated to the same. You can check out my account and support me with commissions and requests and also by liking and sharing my work.

So basically, my art is based on what I'm inspired by..
It could be cars, anime characters, sceneries, buildings etc. In short I am a sort of unorthodox illustrator who likes trying out various styles and forms of illustrations. But my main interest lies in creating vector arts.

There are several artists on Instagram who have inspired me and over the years. I've picked up many techniques which have honed my skills for the better. Although it's fair to say that I'm still on the road to improvement.

People often ask me why I spend time drawing , and my answer to that is coz it brings me a sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a particular piece of work. I mean... After going through a crazy amount of effort to see something accomplished at the end, it gives me a sense of happiness like nothing else.

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My favourite quote

"A champ ain't one who never fails, but one who never quits"

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