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Hello there!my name is Sofi Kaplanidou and I am a LOA & NLP life coach. I am also certified as a mindfulness and meditation coach. Through my experience, I can help you change your mindset, get free from anxiety and finally overcome all your limiting beliefs you had until now.My aim is to help you live a simple and intentional life, become mindful and happy.Together we can change your habits and live the life you’ve dreamed of✨

Create your dream life

Don’t give up on yourself


How it will be after working with me

Alexandra’s thoughts

”For me, the beta program was the start of a different way of thinking. I started realizing things I previously could not see, such as the need to show love to myself, to be realistic, to overcome my fear to express my feelings or face them. I learnt that organization brings peace of mind, that writing your thoughts down helps you feel lighter. I also learned that setting myself as a priority makes me more generous with people I love. I saw the difference in myself and people around me, too. And step by step, I start getting my sparkle back!Thank you Sofi!”

Nicolle’s thoughts

“One month ago I made a very important decision. I put my faith into Sophie's hands and trusted the process. With the weekly guidance of this sweet angel, I managed to get back on track with my extremely busy schedule. The help that I got from her was incredible; she helped me change the way I was thinking. Before her, I could only see "task A, task B, etc" ; that was my way of thinking. However, she believed in me and with kindness and patience she showed me that there are many more things in between, and in life in general. I am beyond grateful for this journey and I couldn't have done it without Sophie. She is… A lifesaver. ❤️”

Jake’s thoughts

“Before we first spoke, I was feeling anxious, nervous but hopeful too. I knew deep down, life coaching was what I needed because throughout my whole life it has been a never ending of negative thinking, disbelief and anxiety. But after the call a HUGE relief came off me. It was a great feeling. You are one incredible individual, who is, smart, caring, courageous, beautiful, and inspiring. Thank you for helping me overcome my many struggles, my addiction and bringing the authentic Jake back. You also helped with my anxiety, my insecurities and limiting beliefs!”