Dreama Elizabeth

My life in a nutshell

Hi! A little bit about me... My name is Dreama, I’m 21 & happily engaged. Im a step mom to a beautiful 3 year old & expecting another little princess in June. I work a full time job while also trying my best to start a small business from my phone. ❥

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Sharing my experience


I’ve decided to become a part of a fast growing company called Farmasi! Being a step mom & expecting another has made me realize I NEED A HOBBY. So I’m doing my best to share my farmasi experience with other ladies & hope they make the switch to better makeup at better prices with me. It’s just recently made its way into the US & I’ve seen many people talking about it & I LOVE the look of the makeup & how so many people have switched from expensive name-brand products, so I decided to give it a go myself. ALSO, ITS SO AFFORDABLE!!

A little detail about the company:
Our products range from skin care, hair and body care, accessories to oral care. The line of products are paraben free, non-GMO, animal product free, tested in FARMASI labs, all products are dermatologically tested and heavy metal free!

Below are just a couple of my favorite products that Farmasi has to offer.

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One of the most popular things farmasi has to offer is the mascara! It’s so affordable and works great!

Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Farmasi has Matte liquid Lippys that last all day & look GREAT!

VFX pro camera ready foundation

Do you spend WAY too much money on foundation for it to barely cover? I can help. My personal favorite is this VFX pro foundation. It’s AFFORDABLE & it covers so much! It really makes all the difference!

Becoming a mommy

Our story

Cody & I are expecting our little princess to be here June 24, 2020! After trying for months & months. Ovulation tests & after so much stress, when we quit trying I finally got that missed cycle & that positive test. I was at work one day & I had been debating on whether or not to go buy a test. My periods were ALWAYS right on time. But, I was 4 days late. I worked in a doctors office at the time & on my lunch break I drove over to the Dollar Tree on 5th Ave & bought a $1 test. I only bought one because I had this gut feeling. I took it back to work & went to the bathroom & I did the deed & looked away for a split second, opened my phone to my timer, by the time I looked back at the test that line was a DARK pink. I started shaking. I’ve never been so happy in my life than I was in that moment. I started thinking about how most people feel worried or scared but all I felt was happiness. I’ve wanted nothing more than to be a mommy & now I finally got my positive!

All I’ve ever wanted was to be a mommy. & I wanted to have my baby at a young age so I could still be young enough to watch her grow.


How I told Cody

The first thing I did was text my best friend Hannah & age got everything ready for me that evening to give cody the news!


Gender Reveal

As soon as I was able to I got the bloodwork done for the gender. I’m SO impatient. I got the phone call that the results were in & I gave them to my parents who bought the pink or blue for us. The gender reveal wasn’t everything I’d pictured like on Pinterest but I’m just happy to be having a healthy baby girl

Being a step mom....

The hardest blessing I’ve ever been handed

Nobody told me at 19 years old when I fell in love that it would be easy to be a step mom. Nobody warned me that this 14 month old baby would make the biggest impact on my life than her daddy did. After thinking for the longest time that I wasn’t going to ever be called “mommy.” I would lay in bed & cry until I couldn’t breathe because I loved this little girl so much but there was no blood relation & she would never truly understand the amount of love I have for her. I wasn’t ever going to be called. I’ve wanted nothing more than to make our little family so perfect but with a step daughter came rules & boundaries. I am “Dreama” not “mommy.” I have no say in how she is raised. I have no say in any of the choices made for her. I have no say in what house she goes to next. I just get to be the one that steps back & watches from the sidelines with tears in her eyes & that is the hardest part that nobody warned me about.

I thought.... until I got pregnant. I was a stepmom at 19 with no blood children of my own. This was a battle I fought with myself for 2 years. & then I got my positive pregnancy test. Now I’m faced with new challenges.

Feeling guilty for feeling a different kind of love for this baby. Feeling like I’m not allowed to say “my first child” or “our first baby” feeling like I’ll be a terrible step mom for always having my baby but keeping my step daughter only on the weekends, or only once a month, whenever Dad decides to pick her up because I have no say in the decisions made for her.

I love them both & I want nothing more than to protect them both from whatever may try to get in their way. But being a step mom only gives me a piece of that fight. & nothing hurts worse than that. & that’s something that NOBODY understands unless they’re put in that position.

I’m so blessed with my family of 4 & nothing, not even blood, is going to change that