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Japan: Tokyo & Osaka

Japan, the land of the rising sun. A place commonly popular amongst influencers and culture seekers a like. The capital city Tokyo, holds a place in many hearts as a gatway to the uniqueness of Japanese culture, the technology, and metropolitan districts. The culture shock is real.

Osaka, its louder sister down south, another buzzing city, is small but just as memorable as the lights shone brighter and the local engagement higher. When in Osaka you can't avoid shopping in Donqiote (there's 3 in the same radius) or paying a visit to Osaka castle.

Or how about the best Takoyaki in Japan from street vendor 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Top tips: Visiting Japan

New York: New York City

New York, New York, the first thing that echoed through my head as the plane approached.

The major financial hub of the United States, fashion week capital and home to " Friends", NYC has a vibe about it that one can say represents the culture of the people. Visiting NYC is an experience that lingers as you remember the tall buildings that cascade over you (looking at you Empire state building), the theatrical stages and TV show filmings, and the common language shared between the locals.

The perks of NYC is represented in the iconic landmarks and ethnic migration that has shaped the diverse city. You can't go New York without consuming and appreciating this history, I mean haven't you grabbed a slice of New York pizza to go yet.

It's a New York thing.

VLOG: Trip to NYC

Korea : Seoul

Korea the home to KPOP, spicy fermented cuisines Kimchi, and beauty products, are the basics we know before visiting the country. Seoul is a metropolitan city with many districts each holding a distinctive personality.

From the nightlife in Hongdae, to the buzzling tourist hotspot of Myeongdong or historic reminder of Gyeongbokgung palace. Seoul despite being a small city only 1hr from Incheon airport has something to excite anyone. Ideal for those who just wanna have fun.

Top tips: Must visit cafes

France : Paris & Lille

Bon voyage! The infamous words from the aesthically praised country France. For those new to France taking dive into the capital to enjoy the renaissance of art and European culture is a must.

From the Palace of Versailles to the shining beacon of beauty the Effiel Tower. Paris holds the key to many hearts, particularly food connoisseurs and wine lovers a like.

But heading North of France to Lille, the border between France and Belgium holds a different image of life in France. Quiet but memorable.

Top Tips: Lille for Christmas

United Kingdom: London

My home, my city. London is the major hotspot for culture and British heritage. Tourism is nothing new to Londoners like myself, but with the incentive to impress, this city is always putting out the lastest trends with something new to do always.

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