If you are an beginner I have a perfect colouring for you🤍

Apps: prequel, Ultralight and Colourtone

Step 1:
Go to Prequel and go to „Adjust“
Highlights: 25
Shadows: 100
Aberration: 50
Blur: 25

Now go to filters and use Teal,
Save that video

Step 2:
Now you need Ultralight,
Take your Video and go to „Edit“,
Then go to the Triangel.
Clarity: +10
Sharpen: -10
Emphasize: +3
Noise: +3

Save the video.

Step 3:
Go to Colourtone,
And take your video again and
Use the filter Coogee,
Then save your video again,

I hope you like this Colouring🤍



explaining for Vonts🤍

How to write questions on your TikToks💜
Apps: Vont and Safari

Step 1:
Go to Safari and tap in “”
Click on this thing next to “Search” and
Write “Hug me Tight” and download it, then tap on the thing that is right on the top and tap on “Hug_me_tight” then hold it long and tap on “Share” and tap on “Vont” then tap on “Install”.

Step 2: tap on the 3 lines and tap on “load new video”, select your video with the colouring, then tap on the video and tap on “Add text” and then on “Font” and then on “My fonts” then select “Hug me tight” and write what you want.
If you finished your writings save it

Good luck💜

Tips how to get on the fyp

How to go viral🙌🏻

So since a lot of y’all wanted to quit because y’all getting not that much likes, I wanna give you tips and explain how I got to the fyp.

Tip 1:
You have to use Colourings! You can use mine, in the first one I explained how I do my colourings.

Tip 2:
Use good hashtags, something like #youidolsname #fy #fyp #ilysfm #cxzlt

Tip 3:
When you make a video write like “only people who ... can copy link” and when it gets a lot copied links you mostly land on the fyp.

Tip 4:
Use sounds that you hear THE MOST on you fyp, cause the sounds are “in” and your chance is higher to land on the fyp.

Last Tip:
Try to follow a lot of people back,
And follow people who are suggested. I